01JUL14: Speed, How can it be bad?


01JUL14: Speed, How can it be bad?

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Speed, can it be bad?

Intensity is our goal and in order to reach intensity we must perform movements at a high rate of speed pushing ourselves to the next level of performance.  So how is it that speed can be a bad thing if it is something we constantly reach for during almost every WOD.  Instead of speed lets think of it as a different term, for instance lets see speed as rushing a movement.  If we rush through our lifts or do them at a high rate of speed it is highly likely that we will begin to perform the movements with poor technique.  The only way we can be sure to perform the movements perfectly and prevent injury as much as possible is to iron down the technique at a very slow tempo.  Speed is only bad when it is used improperly or we rush into something.  The moral of the story is learn your movements at the most basic level, allow your body the time to understand how it is supposed to move, perfect the technique and begin to add load.  As you progress as a weightlifter then you can start to add speed into your routine.  The two terms are very different, rush & speed, and the sooner we understand that the sooner we can allow our training to progress.


A) EMOM 5:

strict pull ups :30 max effort

:30 Rest

B) Handstand holds 5:00 running clock

C) 5:00 Hollow Hold

D) AMRAP 10:

5 pull ups,

10 body rows,

15 push ups