03SEP14: Building Success


03SEP14: Building Success

CrossFit Reality


This weekend on Saturday we have the summer shakedown at CrossFit RepScheme (click for details on the location in the bottom right corner) in Northridge.  The gym will be closed saturday so that everyone can go and support our team (Justin, Dani, Keston, and Seth)

Sunday we have our annual end of summer BBQ and it begins at 1pm, this event is catered so if you want to bring friends feel free but if they want food please sign them up for a ticket by today.  If you don’t want to eat thats fine too just show up and hang out with the CFR family!

Building Success:

I’m constantly amazed at the abilities the human body displays throughout its progress in strength and conditioning.  How we each become successful depends on our goals and motivations as well as our consistency with training.  We are often faced with adversity throughout our fitness journey and how we adapt or overcome these adversities defines how successful we will be as athletes.  The athletes that let their minds get the better of them and selectively skip days that they don’t feel good or don’t like the WOD will limit ones ability to succeed.  I’m not saying you have to show up every day of the week but you must show up at least 3x a week to see any real results through your training.  The first rule to building success is to understand that you must be committed to yourself and to your program.  If you can be committed to one thing in this world let it be your health and wellness.  To often do I see people trade in for an easier route thinking they will achieve the same results, and I’m sorry but this just is not going to happen.  We’ve talked a lot in the past about motivation, purpose, goal setting etc… and now is the time to apply all of this in order to reach our full potential as athletes.  We purposefully have a wide range of classes and class times, we understand that LA life is anything but crazy and hectic so we have decided to provide a schedule that can facility almost anyones athletic needs.  The tools are here for you to succeed all you need to do is show up with a positive mind and let your body do the work.  I promise it may be challenging at times but the rewards at the end of the tunnel will outweigh any work you’ve put in up to that point.

I apologize in advance for not being able to post more blogs in the coming week as well as the order of the gym.  We will be starting construction today to finish up the new space and it will likely run into the weekend.  After it is complete be ready for some new fun changes in the gym including a “bring a friend class” at least once a week.  Train hard and I hope I see you all at the BBQ on Sunday!


A) Front Squat:

4×3 Pause Squats @85% (descend at 4 count hold at bottom for 4 count)

B) Buy in: 1000m row,


Deadlifts (225/155),

Pull Ups (C2B for Advanced),

Cash Out: 100 AB Mat Sit Ups



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