04FEB15: The Path to Success


04FEB15: The Path to Success

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The Path to Success

Is the path to success a one way street? Are there other options in order for us to get from start to finish, and what is success?  For many athletes success means to reach and achieve new goals.  So we all achieve success at some point in time, whether its getting our first pull up or a 20lb PR on our snatch.  Success is only gauged by what your individual goals are.  So there are many ways to achieve success, some are better than others, and some will just lead you down a long path of becoming more and more aggravated because you aren’t reaching your goal when you want to.  So what makes a path a successful one vs a missed attempt?

The path to success will always have a strong foundation.  The fundamentals will be the first and foremost thing you put in check.  If you can’t do a proper air squat than you sure as hell won’t hit a PR on your clean.  Sometimes bringing it back to the basics is all you need, a refresher of sorts will help right your path once again.  I often watch athletes become overly frustrated with complex movements.  I get it, they are fun, but what I don’t see very often is an athlete that takes the time to iron out the basic concepts of the complex movement piece by piece before trying to mash it all together in order to attain that new PR.  Yes you may win 1 out of 25 that way but is it really the best approach?

For instance lets look at a kipping pull up.  Many people strive to get their first kipping pull up and thats great.  It’s a great goal to shoot for and one you will likely reach with dedication and hard work.  So when we look at this kipping pull up lets talk about some basic parts of the movement that we can iron out before trying to flail our way up over the bar in an uncoordinated manner.  First we work on our shoulder and lat activation, we learn how to control it and stay engaged.  We slowly build the strength necessary to maintain stability through the movement.  Then we work on our kipping motion by working on bar “pop-offs”, doing the forward C, backward C initiated by shoulder and core activation.  As we practice these movements we become more coordinated in our efforts to string the whole movement together.  So now we add a band to help us build the necessary strength and reinforce the proper movement mechanics to achieve our kipping pull up.  After we practice this for a while we start to feel pretty confident.  We understand the movement is not generating power from swinging our legs as violently as possible but more of a combination of efforts from the shoulders, back, core, and hips. So then we take off a band or two and give it a go.   Out of Nowhere you hear BOOM!!! and Moose is in the background cheering you on as you just successfully completed your first kipping pull up.  Simple enough right?  a strategic plan looking at the basic fundamentals of the movement and sticking to the plan.  Replicate. Succeed. Repeat.


A) Kip technique work

B) 50-40-30-20-10
Hollow Rocks
Push ups