05JUN14: Snatch Balance; Push Ups; Mary


05JUN14: Snatch Balance; Push Ups; Mary

CrossFit Reality


-BodySpec will be here this saturday.  Sign up if you are going to do it, the link and discount code are posted on the top of our group page on facebook.  This is an extremely beneficial tool that you could all use in setting your future goals.  Know your body and know your goals, then devise a plan of attack and execute it!

-As our website changes I’d like to take a few minutes to make you all aware of some of the new features that it now has.  First, you can now find all of your coaches on facebook and instagram by going to the coaches page and clicking the respective symbol beneath their photo.  We thought this would be the best way to make sure that everyone can connect with us, and so we can ensure that everyone gets invited to our private group forum!  Thats where the real fun happens just ask “Rob Just Rob” (yes thats his facebook alias which he created specifically for this page).  Also you can now comment on our blog posts from your facebook account, so tell everyone how much you hate endurance days LOL.  No but seriously you better all show up!  Next, we have a mailing list that has been started, it is on the bottom of every page just put your email address in and click sign up!  This is how we will be sending out our news letters from now on (much easier to track all the email addresses).


A.) Snatch Balance AHAP 15min to establish

B) EMOM 10:

8 push ups

C) “Mary”



10 Pistols (alt)

15 Pull Ups