CrossFit Reality – CrossFit

Swass (No Measure)

10 Front Squats (35#)

30 sec. Plank Hold

10 Back Squats (35#)

30 sec. Hollow Hold

10 Push Press (35#)

30 sec. Flutter Kicks

10 Thrusters (35#)

30 sec. Mountain Climbers

10 Hang Cleans (35#)

30 sec. Air Squat Hold

Front Squat (5×4 @80%)

Metcon (Time)

Split class into two teams:

100m team tire flips: If it requires 2-3 people to flip the tire that is fine, once the tire is flipped every team member does a burpee. Then rotate and have the other members of the team flip the tire. After 100m is complete the team will run 1 mile together.