06AUG14: Training With Accountability


06AUG14: Training With Accountability

CrossFit Reality

This guy is all about that accountability thing ^^^^

Training With Accountability

No one can make you or hold you to a higher standard than you should hold yourself.  With setting this standard you need to keep yourself accountable and in check.  As you all come to the box today you will notice a new whiteboard sitting by the display case.  This whiteboard will now be our accountability board.  What is the goal of this board you ask?  Well the purpose of this board is to make you achieve more, to make you progress further than you ever thought possible.  The initial goal you will see on this board will revolve around pull ups.  Coach Seth and his infinite wisdom has come up with a plan to hold you all accountable for your progress, to ensure that you succeed in your fitness.  Every member will need to come in on a pull up day (which will be posted on the blog and a notification on Facebook) and start your progress.  You will then write your name and the number of pull ups you can do or write your name in the color band you use to achieve one max effort pull up.   As you progress you will cross out your old standard and replace it with your new standard.  These will be in permanent marker so no sneakiness can occur!  Get ready to make progress and destroy the fear of pull ups, you will succeed and you will reach new goals!


A) Front Squat EMOM 5:

:30 ME 95/65lbs :30 rest

B) EMOM 5:

10 Perfect Push ups

C) Complete a RND every 2 minutes for 5 RNDS of:

30 DBL Unders,

10 Sumo Dead lifts (135/95)

 Ladies only WOD:

A) EMOM 18: alternating

10 ab mat sit ups

12 frog jumps

30 sec HS Hold

B) Sprints:

5 Minutes: 1 sprint every :30

Rest 2:00

3 Minutes: 1 sprint every :30

Rest 1:00

2 Minutes: 1 sprint every :30


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