06JUN14: 5RM Back Squat; 1 mile timed run


06JUN14: 5RM Back Squat; 1 mile timed run

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Coach Keston Workin on that Hand Stand Walk


Continue to register for the bodyspec scan to be done june 7th here at the box.   We will be initiating a summer challenge for weight loss and it will be gauged again by pound for pound strength gained.  This is the most accurate way to judge how much progress we are making as individuals in the box.  If you plan on doing this challenge which will start June 21st with the beginning of summer I highly advise getting this scan done.  We will be having them come back at out the completion of the scan to test you all again so buy a package of two scans so you can get the extra discount!  This is a third party company that does this, unlike when we had the dunk tank (which many people didnt like) they handle all the payment and scheduling information not us.


A) Establish 5RM Back Squat

*Allow 5 min rest between A & B*

B) 1mi timed run