06MAR13 Coach & Athlete


06MAR13 Coach & Athlete

Important Relationships

By: Genie Francisco
Growing up, playing sports, being a dancer, and a student, I have had a lot of different coaches and teachers.  I have had a couple of amazing coaches and teachers that I still cherish to this day, but I have also had some horrible ones that I am very glad to be done with.  I learned from all of them, but I can tell you that having a good coach, being a good coach, and being a coachable athlete is very important to success.  I would like to believe that I have grown to be all three and still learning every day what it means to be each of those.

You know, I was once told, “You don’t need a coach, you have all of the knowledge that you need and all of the resources you need in order to be great!”  While that is flattering, I definitely do NOT believe that for one second.  I believe that he just did not have the time, nor did he want to make the time to coach me, which was fine, but I know that I needed something more (This is obviously an ongoing trend in my life, haha, but anyways.. that’s a different story).  I needed a coach.  I needed someone that would help me reach my full potential and push me past what I never thought was possible.  I have had dreams about being this amazing athlete, but this coach has pushed me to be one of the BEST!  He has thus far not only coached me through 3 competitions, 2 of the 3 hitting the Podium, but has helped me accomplish all of my short term goals and has helped me come up with a lot BIGGER long term goals! I needed someone that would take risks with me.  I needed someone that was just as passionate, if not more passionate, about what I want to accomplish.
On top of my crossfit dreams, I now have been blessed enough to be apart of an amazing Weightlifting Team alongside him as a teammate.  We make the drive down to Pasadena every weekday in high traffic hours and are lucky enough to lift with one of THE BEST weightlifting coaches for 2 whole hours, BOB TAKANO!!
None of this would have happened without this caring and loving coach!! Chris Amenta is the ultimate coach.  Anyone would be so lucky to train under him.  He is extremely knowledgable and always willing to learn more.  He gets to know his athletes and cares for each one greatly.  Whatever the goal is, I am confident that he will always find a way to push you in the right direction.  He is a genuine guy who always wants to be better and help you be better.  It is nice to find a coach who I can trust completely and who believes in me even more than I believe in myself.  Though I am learning my potential, he sees beyond it.
Chris Amenta & I at NLI Warrior Soul II (3rd PLACE)
Point of it all is that I truly believe that everyone needs a coach.  Whether you are an amateur athlete who has no idea what they are doing or an olympian that has won multiple gold medals.  Every athlete needs a coach that will push them, keep them accountable, and is much more knowledgeable than conceivable.
Building healthy coach-athlete relationships is a must.  So start coaching and start being coachable!!  Every athlete should be willing to learn and be better.  There is always something to work on.  Never settle.  Strive for more.  Push past your limits.  Find someone who won’t let you settle, always help you strive for more, and push you past your limits.


A) Back Squat 5×2 @90%
B) Behind the Neck Split Jerk 5×3 @85%
C) AMRAP 12:

5 Power Cleans (165/125),

100m sprint,

20 jumping lunges