07OCT14: Practice Makes…


07OCT14: Practice Makes…

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Practice Makes…

We’ve all heard the phrase somewhere in our lives, “Practice makes perfect”. This has driven any number of people to work harder, stay later for practice, or watch countless videos in the hope that they will get better. If we were to really delve into that phrase, specifically in regards to Crossfit, we arrive at a place where we do functional movements with intensity. It’s very easy for us to do numerous reps in potentially bad positions thinking that, if we practice this enough as is, we will be perfect one day.  In reality, this phrase would be more accurately stated as, “Practice makes permanent”. What we do in the gym reflects how we are in the world and vice versa. Chances are, if I deadlift with a rounded back in the gym that when I go to pick up a box from the ground I will also be in a bad position.

Since Crossfit is based on functional movements we have the ability to practice them outside the gym as well. But not only to practice, but to actively choose to be in the best positions. If we don’t have those positions, it is your job to proactively get them. Ask questions frequently and research mobility tips so we can achieve better positions. Do not spend hours of your day not doing Crossfit and expect the one hour a day spent doing Crossfit to change what your body is accustom to doing. Find ways outside of the gym to apply what you learn inside the gym. Choose better; move better.


A) Push/Split Jerk:

Work up to 85% then 4×4 @ 85% 1RM


30 Min of Run/Row/Assault bike/Airdyne


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