09JUL14: Bring a Friend!


09JUL14: Bring a Friend!

CrossFit Reality

Bring a Friend

No one is sadistic enough to enjoy CrossFit by themselves, ok maybe a few of you fall into that category, but seriously doing it with a friend is always better.  Think about your friends and who you think would be up for the challenge, who do you think could push you harder, making you and them better athletes.  We always feed off the success of our friends because we naturally want to be competitive with them. If they are killing it in a WOD we always push that much harder to get a better score.  If you love CrossFit and love CFR bring your friends in, let us teach them about the benefits of this program and how we can help them become better versions of ourselves every day.  If you have anyone you think would be interested let one of the coaches know, we can reach out to them and walk them through the whole process and teach them the proper techniques/movements to help them be as successful as all of you!  Our doors are always open to the friends of our CFR community, we want to inspire and encourage everyone possible to take charge of their fitness and reach new goals!


The CrossFit Games is coming up on July 25-27th, the box will be closed during the games Friday-Sunday.  The last classes that week will be held Thursday!  As always if a coach comes into the box (which we will all be at the games most of the time) we will post on FB to make you all aware of when the box will be open.


A) 7×7 Deficit Pull ups: Down at a 5 count

B) Partner wall walks: 7:00 running clock one person is always moving (hands to stomach, scaled is start on ground walk up to stomach touching wall back to push up position)

C) 5:00 Hollow Hold & Superman :30 each alternating

D) 100 Body Rows For Time

Ladies Only WOD:

A) 2000m Row

B) Box Jump Technique work (don’t fear the box jump!)

C) AMRAP 12:

8 Snatch

8 Wall Balls