09OCT14: Community, Growth, & Change


09OCT14: Community, Growth, & Change

CrossFit Reality


-This Saturday Justin will be competing at Cerritos college in another NLI, go out and show your support as he battles his way through another competition trying to make this his 3rd win in a row!

-“Raise the Bar” our first goal setting seminar will take place next Tuesday the 14th at 7:30 PM, lets set some goals together and start tackling them head on!

Community, Growth, & Change:

These three words all play into the puzzle that is CrossFit.  Is it a cult? No, it is a community of like minded individuals pursuing a better way of life.  As the community grows we all adapt, we all grow in our own ways personally and physically.   We get stronger, more knowledgeable and as new members join we share our stories of success to encourage them to continue on this path.  Our community grows and it changes with each new person that steps into the ring.  The coaches and athletes alike all have different personalities and different backgrounds.  Inside this box there is no judgement, the only thing we do here is grow together.  We build up our strength, our courage, our confidence and we take it out in the real world.  We apply this growth to our every day lives, our jobs, our personal relationships.  This “sacred” community we have here in our sanctuary allows us to grow as people and as athletes.  This isn’t just about getting stronger, it’s about so much more than that.  This is about growing on multiple levels with everyone else around you supporting you.  CrossFitters get labeled as members of a cult and thats fine, people always criticize those who make the effort to succeed instead of looking in the mirror to see where they should improve themselves.  I say let them judge, let them talk from behind the computer screen, let the internet catch on fire with “CrossFit hate” articles.  In the end none of it matters, nothing they can or will ever say will change this sanctuary we call the box.


A) Bench Press 5×6 @ BW or greater

B) 500m Row Time Trial

***REST 2MIN***


C) 5 RNDS for Time:

20 T2B

10 DL (225/165)



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