1.26 Top Speed Athletics


1.26 Top Speed Athletics

CrossFit Reality – CrossFit Teens


TOP Speed Dynamic Warm up (No Measure)

10yd Knee hugs

10yd Quad walks

10yd Side to side lunge

10yd Spider lunge

10yd Russian Walks

10yd Standing splits

10yd High knees

10yd Butt kickers

10yd Hollow hops

10yd Broad jumps

3x 10yd sprint

Speed & Plyo

6x 10yd falling start

6x 10yd 3pt start

6x 10yd push up start

10x jump out of the box to 10yd sprint

Metcon (Time)

200 push ups

*Every time you stop and rest with your chest on the ground, count a penalty and immediately sprint 40 yards. Once the penalty sprint is completed, continue with the push ups.

*You can rest in a pike position (the top of a push up) but once you drop your chest to rest on the ground, count a penalty and sprint.

Jump Squats

3×10 @ 30%