10JUN14: “You’re doing it all wrong”


10JUN14: “You’re doing it all wrong”

CrossFit Reality

“You’re doing it all wrong”

Everyday people walk into the box, look at the board, and ponder what it is they will embark on today.   Many of you check the blog for the daily WOD, and as of recently it hasn’t been readily available… This is for a greater purpose I assure you.  Anytime I see someone walk into the box, look at the board, and walk out I seriously contemplate never posting a blog again with the daily workout.  This is a general physical preparedness workout regimen, meaning that it encompasses all aspects of fitness… YES I SAID ALL…  If we allow ourselves to “cherry-pick” the workouts, we are only doing ourselves a disservice.  The program is not designed to be done like that, and you entirely defeat the purpose by only doing what you like…  Do yourself a favor and get comfortable with the uncomfortable, go out of that happy comfort zone and experience everything CrossFit has to offer.  Don’t stop at that, take this lesson and apply it to life!  Try new foods, new adventures, do something totally random on a free day off… I promise as a person and as an athlete you will grow from these new found experiences.  When thinking solely in terms of CrossFit think of how taking your approach to multiple aspects of training can be transferred to other parts of your life. We only get one body and so many of us do CrossFit to get it into prime shape, or simply just to take care of the only one we are ever going to get!  Well we only have ONE life to live as well, if we constantly barricade ourselves in a room with only those things that we are familiar with think about how much we could possibly be missing out on!  I know this isn’t a 100% about training but I felt that it was relevant enough to write about and to share with all of you.  ALWAYS walk into a new situation, new workout, new environment with your head held high and your expectations of what you can and will do even higher.


Today and tomorrow are the final days to pre-order your hoodies and tank tops!  sign up sheets are in the box.

We are beginning a new block of training in the next couple weeks, be on the look out for lots of gymnastics work headed your way.  We are also in the process of setting up a rowing seminar for the end of this month (June 28th to be exact)  the time is TBA and the cost will be $10 per person.  Coach Moose will be leading the seminar and it is limited to 20 people, there will be a sign up sheet for this as well.  Grab a seat before it fills up!


A) 15 Min Technique work on Hang Power Cleans



3 Hang Power Cleans @70% 1RM

B) 5 Rounds for time:

200m Row

10 push press (75/53)

20 Front Squats (same weight as pp)