10JUL14: The Beauty in Strength


10JUL14: The Beauty in Strength

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The Beauty in Strength

When we hear the word beautiful, most people have a certain image that pops into their head of what they think defines beauty. I think it’s safe to say that we have all looked in the mirror, yes guys even you too, and have not been happy with what was looking back at you. We live in a world that is obsessed with a certain looks, certain aesthetics, and it can be hard to switch gears and think of measuring beauty by different means. If you have ever walked into a CrossFit gym, you obviously walked into one with some type of goal in mind, otherwise you wouldn’t be there. If you take a look around, one of the first things you might notice are that there are no mirrors. The founder of CrossFit, Greg Glassman, established this unofficial rule for CrossFit gyms because he wanted to emphasize the importance of measuring improvement not by the way the body aesthetically changes over time, but by measuring improvement in terms of how the individuals body performs. That is the beauty of CrossFit, when we show up to our first day of class we might have thought our goals were just to lose a few pounds, or change the way we look somehow. Over time, we start wanting to get stronger, faster, master certain skills and we completely forget about the things we once thought were our goals. Those types of goals are the goals that truly make a difference in our lives. We start to become more confident in ourselves, not just because of the way we look, but because you begin to realize that your body is capable of doing things that you never thought it could do. You know that if you can get through that miserable WOD that one day you can tackle any obstacle that might be thrown at you, and you figure out that you are a bad a** on the inside and out! That is how I choose the measure beauty, not my aesthetics but by improvement, confidence, and strength. I have also attached a link from the YouTube CrossFit page. I hope you take the time to watch! Enjoy 🙂


A) 5×3 Back Squats @80%

B) 500m ME Row; Rest 1min 500m ME Row

C) EMOM 10:

5 Burpees,

10 Strict Press (45/33)