14APR15: To RX or Not To RX…


14APR15: To RX or Not To RX…

CrossFit Reality Open 15.1

To RX or Not to RX

When we walk in the gym, read the blog, or even think about our workout for the day one of the things we should be thinking about is how to perform the workout.  Should we do it “AS RX” which is really just a fancy way of saying how it is on the board, or should we modify it to our individual ability level.  For us to figure this out we must first understand what this whole “RX” thing even is.  First and foremost it’s overrated, there I said it.  Yes its good to have a goal to do workouts “RX” but an even better goal is to use the workout to maximize your experience with the workout itself.  Every workout has a target, and if you’re unsure of what that target is ask your coach.  They will be more than happy to tell you the “goal” for the day with the WOD.  Wether its complete a certain minimum number of rounds (AMRAP) or complete it within a certain time domain (Chippers, Rounds for time, etc…).  Don’t get bent out of shape if the weight for the workout is to high to “RX” to hit the target, that target is far more important in regards to your actual progress as an athlete.  Will there be workouts where “RX” is to light? OF COURSE! For some “RX” is way to light and those athletes should SCALE UP!  Most of us will have to scale down a little bit and thats perfectly fine, you aren’t getting any weaker by doing that, in fact you are getting stronger faster by using a weight that is more appropriate for you and perfecting form while upping the intensity.

So how does one determine what weight they should do?  Here comes the importance of logging your WOD’s, lucky for you all we are transitioning to WODIFY and everyone will have access to an awesome system that allows you to track ALL of your progress.  A simple, yet effective tool for gauging your workouts is looking at your benchmarks (Cindy, Fran, Murph, etc…) and seeing what you used for them.  It is ALSO a great idea to test yourself once in a while.  Sure try “RX” today, see if you hit the target and where you fall.  Trying it out every once in a while will make you a better athlete and will also teach you what your limits are.  Train hard, give it your all, and the rest of the puzzle will put itself together in due time.  Remember, “RX” is just a number on the board and it is MEANT to be modified per your specific abilities.


A) Front Squats:
Start at about 80% with your sets of 3
90% with sets of 2
& 95% with sets of 1

B) Rack Mobility Work
Followed by 4 Rounds of 1:00 Hollow Hold :30 Rest

C) 21-15-9
PWR Cleans (115/85)
Box Jumps (24/20)
*** Between Rounds run 400m