14AUG14: Attitude


14AUG14: Attitude

CrossFit Reality


Have you ever sat and thought about how your attitude might affect your training.  How about how your attitude affects your perspective on everything in life?  These are things we need to take into consideration as we set our goals and track our progress.  If our attitude doesn’t match with our goals or isn’t positive about our training and progress we are only holding ourselves back.  We have this amazing positive environment of supporters here cheering each other on day in and day out, use this to your advantage, use it on your bad days to bring you up and to help you get back to that positive mindset.  Our mindset is the first step in getting on the path to success when we are trying to reach new goals.  We all wake up on the wrong side of the bed from time to time but don’t let it bring you down when you are here.  The energy that is in this box amazes me, the way you support one another can not be matched.  Keep pushing each other, keep your attitudes in check, focus on the positive and the results will follow.  I’ve seen it to many times in my experience with sports and military training when an individual loses sight of their goals because their attitude changes for a split second and they lose faith in what they are doing.  If they just would have kept strong and seen that the end is more important than those two seconds they would have likely succeeded.  Keep it positive, keep it motivated, when you see the person next to you looking down tell them to pick up their head and move forward.  One foot in front of the other and one squat at a time continue to make that progress.  Nothing but positive vibes peeps its the only thing that is acceptable in this environment!


A) Front Squat:

5×7 60%, (minimize rest time want this done with 1 minute rest between sets)

B) Double Under Technique 

C) 400m Row,

3 Hang Power Snatch (115/83),

300m Row,

5 Hang Power Snatch,

200m Row,

7 Hang Power Snatch,

100m Row,

9 Hang Power Snatch