14JUL14: Constantly Varied


14JUL14: Constantly Varied

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Constantly Varied

We all hear the terms constantly varied when it comes to our workouts, but what does constantly varied really mean?  Is it that we just throw things together and hope that we get some sort of actual results from them, or is there a method to constantly varying our workouts that leads us to an end goal?  In all fairness the answer is a little bit of both.  We constantly vary multiple aspects of the workout, time domain, heavy load vs. light, styled for endurance vs sprinting, you name it we vary it.  But with this variation comes some sort of purpose or small cycle we are embarking on in our training.  You guys can tell when we “ramp it up” with intensity (the past 3 weeks) or when we kind of taper it back a little bit (the next couple weeks).  All of these workouts are equally as important to your general physical preparedness so be careful not to fall victim to the cherry picker within.  Each workout serves its own purpose, and while on paper it may look like it will do one thing, when we are actually completing the WOD we feel it in an entirely different way (Thursdays bar only strict press was no joke right).  Trust your coaches, trust your program, and maintain that minimum 3x a week as much as possible.  Some WOD’s will be extremely hard, others will feel like a refresher, remember they aren’t all supposed to completely make you blow through your reserve gas tank or cause you to vomit (thats simply not healthy).


A) Tall Cleans 5×7

B) Rack Mobility

C) A Round every 4 Minutes for 5 Rounds:

300m Run,

15 Burpees,

5 Clean and Jerks (135/95)

*****Scale to where you have about :30 rest between rounds to start*****