15OCT14: Consistency is Key


15OCT14: Consistency is Key

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Consistency is Key:

Sometimes, it is very easy to become frustrated when we feel we are not seeing the results that we want. Whether it is gaining strength, losing weight, or some other goal you have set for yourself. When we hit that stump, we sometimes have to take a step back and evaluate our situation. Have we been coming to class consistently or skipping out? Have we been eating right, or having cheat days every day of the week? (Haha sorry that one actually made me laugh) Have we been pushing ourselves as hard as we can? I see plenty of members become frustrated with the results that they are not actually seeing. I’m not saying all the time, but most of the time there seems to be some reason for it. Actually, a lot of the time people are just not being patient enough with themselves. Crossfit is hard work, and if you put the work in I promise you will see great results in gaining strength, losing weight, or any of the other positive things that come with doing crossfit. You do have to give your body time though. Not only is consistency the key, but also patience. As an athlete myself, being patient is one of the hardest things for me to do as well. When I set my mind on a certain goal, I will do everything I can to accomplish it, and sometimes it takes longer than expected. Although the journey to reaching our goals can be frustrating, it only makes actually accomplishing our goals that much better. Also, if you find yourself in a stump, do not be scared to talk to any coach about it. That’s what we are there for. Stick with crossfit, push yourself, and the results will fall into place.


A) Front Squat:

10×10 @45%

B) 100 Push up time trial

C) EMOM 10:

50m Sprint,

5 Burpees,

15 Air Squats



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