18AUG14: Competition


18AUG14: Competition

CrossFit Reality


This past weekend we had three athletes sign up and compete at a local competition.  It may not have been the CrossFit Games but in my mind it was even better.  Over 30 of you all showed up to cheer these three athletes on as well as athletes from CrossFit Active Performance (Mike).  These three athletes went out there and inspired the hell out of all of us, I know I’m not speaking about myself here, I saw everyone rally behind them and cheer them on.  It was extremely hot outside and these athletes could have cared less, all they wanted to do was perform and give it their all.  Tori and Dani gave the women’s side of the competition a run for their money, challenging every other athlete out there to beat them.  They both did extremely well and couldn’t have made the coaches here more proud.  When they were tired they kept pushing, they used every second of time possible to get the best scores they could.  The finished 4th and 11th in their divisions respectively.  The best part about competition is that it exposes you to things you don’t normally do in training.  It exposes you to new weaknesses and becomes a learning experience.  This isn’t the CrossFit Games so have fun, get involved and learn a little bit about yourself.  Justin came out ready to challenge everyone in his division.  Their were a few recognizable names from competitors on regional teams in this past years CF Games.  Justin stuck to his plan, showed up motivated to every WOD, and challenged himself to do better than he had previously when practicing the workouts.  His performance was nothing shy of amazing.  The scores leading into the final event had him right around .5pts out of first place.  Their is always that unknown factor in competition, those things you can’t prepare for or replicate, or the grind of giving it your all 3x in one day with limited rest.  Sometimes competition comes down to who is the smarter athlete and in this case I feel this is one of the many reasons Justin pulled out a first place victory.  Congratulate all of these athletes when you see them around the box, if you didn’t make it to the competition you missed something inspiring and you missed the community coming together to cheer everyone on.  It was a great event because of the people that showed up, I know the competitors were thankful just as I was.  Keep training hard, and I encourage all of you to try out one of these competitions one day, surprise yourself with how much progress you have made and become more confident in your own abilities as athletes.


A) Dead lift:

2×5 @65%,

2×3 @85%,

2×1 @95% 1RM

B) EMOM 8: 200m sprint

*Rest 1 MIN*

EMOM 6: Sprint to end of parking lot and back

***If a sprint takes longer than 1 min the next min of the EMOM will be 15 burpee penalty no sprint and pick up sprints on the following min of the EMOM