18JUL14: Community


18JUL14: Community

CrossFit Reality


What is a community?  Definition: com·mu·ni·ty (kəˈmyo͞onitē)- a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.  Think about that for a second then think about what we are as a CrossFit box.  Its pretty easy to see the common ground here between what a community is and what we are.  We are a community, we are a group of like minded individuals who have common interests, goals, and attitudes.  We all strive to be the best we can be and we particularly seek this goal through fitness.  Why is it that CrossFit becomes a community and why do people refer to it as a cult?  Well that answer is pretty simple actually and let me explain why in a few very simple sentences.  

When you first walked into a CrossFit box you had a goal in mind correct?  Get in shape!  Thats the one common goal everyone has, we all want to be in shape.  Then as your time doing CrossFit progressed you became challenged by certain movements or certain weights.  So what did you do?  You began to train harder, you began to eat better because you finally understood that you are only as good as the fuel you put into your body was.  So there your one hour at the gym just transferred into your every day eating habits.  Now you begin to see and feel the GAINS that you are getting by eating better and training harder.  So you begin to push it even further!  Training harder than you ever dreamed you possibly could, eating healthier than you ever thought possible, turning down the McDonalds hammered dog sh** and eating real food that you know will make you perform better.  Before you know it you are eating, sleeping, dreaming, and talking all things CrossFit.  This isn’t by mistake this is because you once made the conscious decision to GET IN SHAPE.  Everything that happened after that was because you finally realized your goals were to small and you needed to get better, no, you wanted to get better and you would stop at nothing to reach those new found goals.  This is why CrossFit is a “cult”, this is why we are a community of individuals helping one another.


A) 3 Pos Snatch 15min:

Beginners < 6mo CF only barbell,

>6mo CF 65% 1RM,

> 1yrCF 85%1RM….

With advanced athletes work up to these numbers and try and do 5 rounds of 1 at each position

B) Every 1:30 complete a round to 9 MIN:

5 Power Snatches (135/95),

10 ABMAT sit ups,

10 Push ups

(weight should be able to be done touch and go)

C) Recovery Mobility (coaches choice)