18JUN14: Fundamentals… The CrossFit Process


18JUN14: Fundamentals… The CrossFit Process


Jeff Jones, a seasoned CrossFit athlete knows the importance of fundamentals inside and out and reverts back to them constantly during training.

Fundamentals… The CrossFit Process

One of the things I see everyday as a coach is how important fundamental movements are to our everyday workouts.  We all need a foundation, something to start from when we dive into the realm of fitness.  If our foundation is shaky more often than not we will end up with some sort of overuse injury, especially in CrossFit.  I’ve been a part of many beginner programs, CrossFit Long Beach used to have an on-ramp and CrossFit South Bay had its own form.  I saw and taught things I liked in both and some that I didn’t.  At one box I felt that the overall curriculum was well thought out if your goal was to only train average level athletes and not to build the foundations for those athletes to progress beyond a certain point.  This is perfectly fine and there method was pretty sound, but the long term goals of many athletes is not to have to re-train the mind to tell the body how to move once you move onto more difficult (technical) movements.  The main reason I saw this as a drawback was not because of the curriculum so much as it was the manner in which it was being taught.  The idea of training 12 new people at once to stick to a timetable and follow along was preposterous to me.  In my eyes there is no safe way to rush 12 people through a 12 day course and be sure that they were 100% capable of doing the WOD in the group setting.  At another box had a program very similar to this, and I felt the same disdain about it as well.  They also, however, had a one on one program which I was thrilled about.  I loved the thought of training individuals at there own pace with a specific curriculum (very similar to the group version).  I taught hundreds of these and began to learn how many beginners feel when they walk into the box for the first time.  I could truly understand the anticipation, fear, and nervousness they all felt as they signed up with us and began their own journey into CrossFit.  Having worked with multiple versions of training that were all aimed at the same end goal I began to tweak and twist our beginner program so that it could effectively do the job that I saw the others failing.  My goal through this process was to create and develop program that can be specifically altered to the athletes abilities and not stuck to following what was on a piece of paper.  Anyone that has gone through our program can tell you that what is on the board is not exactly what they do, and what one person does for day 2 may be totally different than the next person.  The fundamental movements are all the same and they are all taught, but the time that is taken to teach them varies by the athlete.

No two athletes learn or grasp the concepts of what is being taught the same way.

This statement right here is the foundation for how we train the fundamentals.  We don’t expect you to be perfect, but we do expect that your body begins to learn and understand what it is you are trying to make it do.  Yes you may think we are running you through a gauntlet of hell, but that is not the case.  We are preparing you, your bodies, and your minds for what a group class is all about.  We are giving you the tools necessary to successfully better your personal fitness.  After we give you all the tools we test you, we test your abilities to grasp movement concepts, and then we test you some more.  The beauty of this process is that there is no definitive time table.  You have ALL THE TIME you as an athlete need to build up to a standard level of movement before joining the classes.

We all have a starting point, and what is mine is not yours, but each and every single one of us starts somewhere.

I don’t care if you walk through the door and tell me you’ve never worked out before a day in your life.  Tell me why you are here and where you want to go, those are the only things I as a coach care about.  Your desire to become a better version of yourself everyday is what I feed on, it is what drives me to coach you to the best of my abilities and to push you to do the best you can do.  Everyone comes through the door knowing there are a MINIMUM of six one-on-one’s that will be completed… Remember though, it is only a MINIMUM and depending on your ability we may do 12 one on one’s just to be safe and to make sure that you are 100% comfortable with going to the group classes.  CrossFit can and is intimidating to most, but once you walk through that door the possibilities are endless!  The team of coaches we have assembled here understand the true nature and importance of this fundamental process, we all know that it is in the best interest of the individual athletes and the gym as a whole to ensure the success of every student that walks through that door.  Fitness is the experience of a lifetime, use it or lose it, you only have one body so treat it right or pay the price.  We all came from somewhere and we all have goals, this is a place where we can share those stories and share in the success of others.  We are a family, a family that will push each other to be better than the best, a family that will get behind each other so that we may succeed as a team.  We have no weak links, we are a community filled with positive like-minded individuals.


In other news…

The WOD:

A) EMOM 5: 5 Hang Power Snatch

B) 1 Round every 1:30 to failure:

1: 5 Wall Balls – 1 HSPU

2: 8 Wall Balls – 3 HSPU

3: 11 WB’s – 5 HSPU

4: 14 WB’s – 7 HSPU