20AUG14: Fear


20AUG14: Fear

CrossFit Reality


Before you ever stepped foot into a CrossFit Box were you afraid? Intimidated? Or how about when you step up to the barbell to attempt a new 1 Rep Max, did you feel that same fear?  People are afraid of failure by nature, we always want to succeed in what we do.  When we really get down to it fear is what holds us back from accomplishing our greatest achievements in life.  If you fail a 1,000 times at a lift and then finally build up the courage to accomplish it you have only succeeded.  Every failure up to that point has been erased, in fact you’ve learned from your mistakes and become 1,000 times better and more knowledgable.  Stop letting fear hold you back from reaching your goals, don’t treat failure as a bad thing and begin looking at it as a lesson learned.  These words fear and failure are to often associated with negativity and something needs to be done to change that.  They are only WORDS, they do not dictate whether you succeed or not and instead they teach you lessons that you will likely never forget offering an experience to grow from.  When people are afraid of CrossFit we reassure them with our beginner program.  We take the time to individually break down those barriers and show them how easy it is to succeed once they get beyond that initial fear or intimidation.  In fact over 90% of you have gone through this program with those same fears and destroyed them.  You’ve all set new PR’s, over come fears, learned from failures and become better athletes.  Don’t ever let fear creep in and take over your mind you are all stronger than that and prove it on a daily basis.


A) Back Squat:

3×3 @85%,

2×2 @95% 1RM

B) 60 DBL unders,

50 Wall Balls (20/10),

40 DBL Unders,

30 Wall Balls,

20 DBL Unders,

10 Wall Balls



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