20JUN14: Athlete Mindset


20JUN14: Athlete Mindset

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The Athlete Mindset: What makes you tick?

We are all athletes in our own right.  We have a sport and that sport is being ridiculously awesome individuals, we take pride in lifting heavy shit and pushing ourselves to new limits, it is the sport of fitness.  So many out there critique us because they loathe the fact that we train together, we train as a community to become better versions of ourselves… Jealousy runs rampant through the fitness world for this culture that boxes have created.  Internet bloggers aka “Trolls” slander our methods, critique our every kip, and attempt to create internet havoc over the sport we hold dear.  We don’t need to ask why and we could really care less, athletes send me articles all the time expressing their agitation with these authors.  I give the same response…

Who cares, do what makes you feel good, what makes you better, and what makes you happy… Forget about the BS train hard and focus on your own goals, jealousy is evil but it also gives us a sense of validation for what we do.

We are all athletes, as I say it again let it sink in, let it resonate in your mind.  Your mindset and your approach set you apart from the rest of the crowd.  It puts you above those who say and never do.  It allows you to grow as an individual.  You find success and failure, equally they teach you valuable lessons.  There is absolutely no perfect method out there, what works for one individual may never work for another.  You as an athlete step into the arena and battle yourself on a daily basis, you are not here to battle against those around you.  You are here to better yourself and your approach will be infective, those around you will seek the same thing.  It may at times seem like a group competing against each other.   This couldn’t be more far from the truth because we do not compete against one another, we compete with each other against ourselves using the drive of everyone around us to push ourselves further and harder than ever before.  This mindset sets us apart, we love competition but we know the appropriate way to tackle it.  Every athlete has different motivators and different short term goals, but our end goal is all the same… To become better versions of ourselves daily.  Prepare for the unknown, battle your mind, and challenge yourself to reach new goals every day!  Accept failure and use it to make you better, in the end your character will outshine those failures as your successes grow and grow.

What makes you tick?

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A) EMOM 7: 10 Front Squats @ 50% BW

B) EMOM 7: 10 Perfect Push ups

C) AMRAP 12:

10 DB Hang Power Cleans (45/25)

10 DB Thrusters (use same DB’s)

250m Row / or 300m Run (athlete choice but can only do 1 for the entire WOD)