21JUL14: Coaching


21JUL14: Coaching

CrossFit Reality


– Barbell Club time change:  BBC classes will now be from 6pm-7:30pm MON, WED, FRI.  Also If you are interested in joining the BBC we are now offering a 10 session punch card.

– Olympus movement & Mobility classes:  These classes are held WED night from 7:30-8:30pm, if you’re having problems with flexibility or recovery I highly recommend attending these.   They are taught by our in house PT Annemarie Alf.

–  The CrossFit Games are this weekend so remember we will be closed Friday-Sunday as all of the coaches will be in attendance at the Stub Hub Center in Carson.


When we talk about coaching or when we are being coached we all have questions, we all want to know why we are being told to do something one way or the other.  Coaches bring their own experience and cues to the game and use them as they see fit.  I often hear from athletes why does one coach say to do something this way and another say to do it an entirely different way.  Well, there are a million ways to skin a cat, and just because a coach tells you to do something one way and another a different doesn’t mean they aren’t on the same page.  No two athletes learn the same way…  Think about it, as you were growing up people would understand things differently than you did even though the teacher only said it one way.  Well the same applies to learning movements from your coaches.  Just because 50% of the class understands exactly what I’m saying doesn’t mean that its the only way to teach you to move correctly, and believe it or not there have been many times when I completely understood what I was trying to teach wasn’t getting across.  So we bring in another set of eyes, another set of ears, and a whole different train of thought.  We all teach safe and proper movement, but the way we teach it is different, and this is great!  Its actually what we want because we understand that no two athletes learn the same so no two coaches should coach exactly the same.  The principles and standards are all the same but how we get the point across will always vary to some degree.  This provides you the athletes with the best learning environment possible.  Next time you think a coach is telling you something another isn’t just ask them why they teach it that way vs why someone else teaches it different, you’ll find out that they are each trying to reach the same end goal just with different words.


A) AHAP: 3 position clean;

start at 50% 1RM Clean add 10 pounds every round until failure

B) Lumbar/T-spine mobility

C) Row 50 CAL,

50 C2B pull ups,

100 air squats,

50 slam balls (30/20),

20 Man Makers (45/25)