22JAN15: Competition


22JAN15: Competition

CrossFit Reality


I’m not going to the CrossFit Games why should I compete?  Lets just be realistic for a minute, the CrossFit games athletes are the top .000005 % of all CrossFitters.  Let that sink in for a second… So that means they are in a league of there own and everyone should just give up right? Wrong!  Competition in this field isn’t just about winning.  High School football players don’t quit because they aren’t going to make it into the NFL right?  Competition allows you to grow as an individual, its a trial by fire, you will find out exactly what your weaknesses are whether you want to or not.  Doing this allows you to target your weaknesses to make progress in the future.  After all thats what we are all here for right?  To become better versions of ourselves every day.  That’s the goal. EVERY DAY.  So what if we don’t make it to the games, we will all be stronger by the end and our goal should be just that.  There are numerous local competitions for varying levels of athletes and those are also great for learning.  We even have a beginners competition in April that you can jump into and there is no reason to not.



A)Pull Ups:
Advanced: 5 x ME
Intermediate: 5×10
Beginner: 5×5 Negatives

B) 5k Row or Run

C) Coaches Choice Mobility/Flexibility