23JAN15: Defining Fitness


23JAN15: Defining Fitness

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Defining Fitness

How is it that we define fitness?  Fitness has many measurable attributes.  Strength, speed, and power are just a few.  So if we think about all of the measurable attributes is that how we define fitness.  Well in CrossFit you always hear “Redefining fitness” and probably never put an ounce of thought as to what that actually means.  Fitness is usually defined as working out and being healthy.  To me that is like setting an extremely low bar with no measurable qualities.  You’re basically saying if you workout and try and be healthy then you are “fit”.  The honest truth is that you probably are somewhat fit if you follow and live by this.  In CrossFit we do not seek out the minimum standards for being “fit”.  We take those and say thats our warm up!  I guess you could say thats where the saying “our warmup is your workout comes from”.  We define fitness by our measurable success.  Whether it be hitting new 1RM’s or crushing Fran with a PR time.  Maybe its that we’ve lost 20lbs and added 30lbs to our back squat.  All of these are measurable standards that we can and will achieve by doing CrossFit on a regular basis.  So I guess it is true, we are “Redefining Fitness”, and thats a good thing.  We are here to help each other and encourage personal growth whether on the physical or mental side of training.


A) TGU’s:
15 progressively getting heavier as you go

B) Partner WOD:
5:00 Cumulative time doing
shoulder taps from Handstand

C) With a Running Clock
0-2:00: ME Wall Balls (20/14)
2-3:00: Rest
3-6:00: AMRAP:
5 Pull ups
10 push ups
6-7:00: Rest
7-12:00: AMRAP:
7 Shoulder 2 OH (135/95)
5 Bar Facing Burpees