23JUL14: How Much is Your Health Worth?


23JUL14: How Much is Your Health Worth?

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How Much is Your Health Worth?

There is constant debate, most of which is by consumers that just don’t understand what it is we do at CrossFit.  People often think it is to expensive, but when you get down to it is CF really that pricey?  For starters lets take into consideration some of our routine habits that directly affect our health as consumers.  Healthcare on average costs Americans over $3,500 a year, we spend over $2,500 on entertainment such as concerts and attending venues such as bars, over $6,000 is spent on food and a good portion ($2,500) is spent on eating out at restaurants, and finally more than $5,000 is spent on everything else including vacations etc.  All of these things total around $15,000 a year (these numbers are for 1 person, so for a couple x2), that’s a pretty big price tag for only a few things.  Now we look at that and see that some of it is expected costs like the healthcare and the food, maybe the occasional vacation but after all we do live in SoCal, others are not as fortunate.  Lets talk about the cost of CrossFit, at $6.63 a day (for $200/mo membership) this isn’t a bad price to pay when you think of it in terms of investing in yourself.  You aren’t doing this because its a fad or any other BS, you are doing this because you want to live a longer and healthier life.  If I can add 5 years to my life by staying fit and healthy no one could put a price tag on that that I wouldn’t be willing to pay.  But for me and many others out there we understand the value of our health, we understand that we only have one body and we better treat it right.  Now lets talk about the benefits of that measly $6.63 a day, it is relative to a cup of star bucks and the pack of gum you chew while you’re at work.  It’s equivalent to about 1.5 gallons of gas in your car.  It’s the same as a quick meal from a fast food joint down the street.  The difference… NONE of those are an investment in your own health and well being, none of those will make you live longer, none of those will decrease your healthcare costs for years and years to come.  CrossFit changes lives, it creates success for everyone who steps foot in a box, we are all constantly winning and achieving small goals that lead us to that healthier life.  A constant plague that many people face on a daily basis is STRESS.  Stress causes a myriad of health problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety.  Stress is the purpose for 75-90% of all doctors visits!  What if I told you CrossFit helps alleviate stress?  Well it does, for that 1hr a day you are in your own zone, nothing that bothered you at work or home is here to bother you.  This is your sanctuary, live it, learn it, love it.  As someone who believes in making people healthier and to become better versions of themselves, as all the rest of the coaches here, we acknowledge and respect your commitment to do the same and we are a community that empowers each other to reach farther and do things we never thought possible in the past.  So lets clear the air on what your health is really worth, lets continue to live healthier and become better, and lets keep training hard to live and see the results we so dearly want.  So tell me again, how much is your health worth to you?



A) Handstand Walk practice

B) Skin the cats

C) 5×10 Ring Dip Negatives (resist going down, you can jump to top of ring dip)

D) T2B Skill (focus on kip)