23OCT14: Just Have Fun


23OCT14: Just Have Fun

CrossFit Reality

Just Have Fun

Every once and awhile, it is easy to get caught up in all the hard work we put into CrossFit. We strive to always become better. We want to reach certain goals, and push ourselves past our limits. It is easy to forget one of the main reasons why we come to CrossFit, to really just have fun! Yes I know, almost dying after a workout isn’t exactly always the most fun, but all the shenanigans in-between the intense workouts are! When we forget about having fun, that’s when what we do begins to feel more task orientated and like a job. I get it; I am a competitor and get caught up in working hard to push myself too! Sometimes, it begins to feel more like a job than fun. I’ll start to think, “Ughhhhhhh I have to workout againnnnn!” When this happens, I have to remember to relax and that one of the main reasons why I fell in love with CrossFit is because of how much fun I had with the people I was surrounded by. So just when you start to feel like you don’t want to come into the gym because you know how much that workout will suck, come in anyway, have fun, get some good laughs in. I promise you will feel a billion times better when you walk out, than if you never came!



A) Good Mornings:

5×10 @ BW

B) Hip Mobility Time

C) AMRAP 12:

6 Back Rack Lunges (185/105)

24 DBL Unders