24JUL14: The Beginning


24JUL14: The Beginning

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The Beginning

As this week comes to an end for our training you’ll notice we are finishing with a 1RM back squat.  The idea behind this is not that we are expecting you to PR, we actually aren’t because of where we are in our training cycle so don’t be bummed if you don’t set that new record you’ve been reaching for.  Just hang tight, I promise you’ll get the opportunity to set it in the very near future.  The whole purpose of today is to establish a number, write it down, memorize it, and be prepared to use it to base your future numbers off of.  WRITE THIS NUMBER DOWN, it is quite possibly the most important thing you’ll need in preparation for our next phase of training.  I’ll be the first to admit I’m very biased to squatting, but over the past 6 months we’ve really tackled the olympic lifts, some running/endurance style WOD’s, and even more recently gymnastics.  But as all good things come to an end, so has this block of training.  Get ready to squat your asses off, because starting next week we’re going full circle and starting another phase of what I like to call foundational strength.  You will get all the squatting and dead lifting you could dream of, so just hang in there tiger this rides about to get a whole lot more interesting.  Let the gains begin…


A) Establish a 1RM Back Squat


1:00 ME T2B

1:00 ME Hollow Hold

1:00 ME Push ups


****Remember we are closed FRI-SUN for the GAMES, check FB to see if coaches come in to train****