24OCT14: It’s a Thin Line


24OCT14: It’s a Thin Line

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It’s a Thin Line

“Risk and reward”, that phrase comes up a lot in Crossfit. “Should I do the RX for this workout?’  Or, “ Should I put some more weight on for this deadlift?” Or,  “Should I attempt a PR on my squat?” Well what I always consider when I train is the idea of “risk vs. reward”.  What is the risk involved? Will this task jeopardize the integrity of the movement to an unsafe boundary? How much compensation is too much? It takes a lot of time invested to know how your body moves through these functional movements.  It’s a great idea to know when you are in a bad position and when you are in a good one, as well as every possibility in-between.  I struggle with this on a daily basis. I want to do my best to move the object optimally knowing that my positions may digress, as things get hard. For example, I finally hit 400lbs in my deadlift yesterday and I did it for a double. My previous 1RM was 375lbs. After the fact I knew that I could have gone for a triple but I decided to stop. I also knew I could have went for a single deadlift at 405lbs (who doesn’t want to deadlift 4 plates?!). Both of those things I decided against. I was comfortable with my performance on the double and felt I maintained a relatively good position during.  I have no problem leaving some PRs on the table some days. I was happy with the reward of today and felt that it wasn’t worth it to me at this point to attempt anything further. Some days ill flirt with the line between acceptable safe and try for something knew but again that is a discussion I have with myself every time I train. “Is it worth it?” or  “Does this help me achieve my goal?” That’s what it ultimately comes down to.  Talk with your coaches, have them go over your form but also keep in mind you are the captains of your ship. Do your due diligence and invest time in learning how to move better, spend time moving better and find reasons to move better.

I wonder what I should be for Halloween?

Coach D



A) Push Jerk:

Work Up to 95% and then

3×2 @ 95%

B) 15-10-5

OHS (125/80)


Russian KB Swings (2.0/1.5)

This is done as 15 OHS, 30 KB’s, 10 OHS….etc