25JUN14: Upcoming Events


25JUN14: Upcoming Events


Upcoming Events:

The first of the events, on June 28th from 9-11am Moose will be leading a rowing seminar, great techniques and tactics to approach the dreaded concept 2 on you next wod will surely be discussed.

The barbell club has started, after this month if you wish to join “Reality Barbell” you will have to go through a mandatory barbell course, much like elements.

Ladies only class was a big hit Monday night, the more people that attend the more class times will be available in the future for this class!

The CrossFit Games are coming soon, let us know who has tickets so we can all hangout and have some fun


A) 3 Pos Clean 15min:

Beginners < 6mo CF only barbell,

>6mo CF 65% 1RM,

> 1yrCF 85%1RM….

With advanced athletes work up to these numbers and try and do 5 rounds of 1 at each position

B) EMOM 5:

3 Hang Power Cleans 85%1RM

C) AMRAP 10:

40 M Sprint,

20 Air Squats,

20 Med Ball Cleans (20/14)