26JUN14: Your Health, Your Choice


26JUN14: Your Health, Your Choice

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Alright who gave Loren the camera…

Your Health, Your Choice

Ok, I’m going to give you the heads up on this one, sometimes the truth hurts and while this isn’t directed at any individual it is made up of situations/excuses I have heard over the years of military training/ high school sports (coaching)/ coaching CrossFit…  We’ve all come to CrossFit for various reasons, many of which we may or may not choose to keep personal.  I applaud every single one of you for beginning your journey into fitness, no matter what the motive behind it was or is.  This is where my “Good job Johnny” attitude ends…  You showed up, you said “you were committed”, now where the F*** have you been the past month, two months, hell the past 3 months we’ve seen your face a total of 5x…  This is your health, and it is your choice to take it seriously or not.  When you show up at least 3x a week and put in the work like you SHOULD be doing you will get amazing results.  Your body will begin to transform and you will gain strength in places you never knew could be possible (including mental).  If you think for one single second that I am going to feel sorry for you because you couldn’t make the time in your busy schedule to show up you have another thing coming.


 You signed up to better your life, to improve your fitness.  We give you all the tools you need, but we can not force you to come into the box and put in the work.  Stop blaming other people for your failures and take a long look in the mirror at who is holding up the success of oneself.

You know why we don’t have this problem at CFR, because our coaches call/txt/facebook/ & instagram you and more or less harass you if we notice you aren’t showing up.  We don’t have to do this but we want you to succeed so we will continue to push you in the direction we know you want to go in.  People don’t not show up at this box and it is going to stay this way… Why?  Because performance driven results create and embrace a community of positively driven, like minded, ass kicking individuals who know that their health is of the utmost importance to them and their families.  If you know someone that doesn’t take there fitness seriously, find a way to motivate them, find a way to tell them that they too should want to live a longer healthier life.

Is living a longer healthier life really that hard for people to understand?


A) 5:00 to accumulate as many back squats as possible at (135/95)

Warm up to these weights and warm up your squats extensively

B) EMOM 12:

8 Wall Balls (20/14),

5 Burpees