27JAN15: CrossFit & Making PRogress


27JAN15: CrossFit & Making PRogress

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CrossFit & Making PRogress

Making progress in our physical and mental health is an every day occurrence with CrossFit.  As long as you are putting in the effort and listening to your coaches you are most certainly making progress in multiple aspects of the program.  Is it always where we desire the progress most? Probably not and lets face it this is simply because we have certain things we like and dislike.  This doesn’t however mean that you should cut something out of your training entirely.  CrossFit isn’t about being the master of one it is more about being a “jack of all trades”.  So when do our own ambitions begin to limit our overall progress? Well the answer to that is pretty simple.  The moment you decide that your snatch is more important than your overhead squat (a foundational movement) you’ve begun to open the door to road blocks in your own training.  Sure we all love olympic lifts, they are fun and easily measurable.  I want to caution you all though that these are not the end all of all movements.  They are simply a small part of your training regimen seeking a greater purpose.

You may have heard people or coaches talk about the “beginners curse” before.  This is a very real thing for many athletes, they start CrossFit and within a few months think that they should master the most complex of complex movements.  Like the snatch.  It takes YEARS for an untrained athlete to adjust to strength and conditioning.  Your body is constantly adapting and constantly learning new things all while growing.  Don’t rush through your foundational movements thinking you have them mastered so that you can get to the “fun stuff”.  Take it slow, and gradually make progress through the more complex lifts over time.  Olympic lifters do those lifts for YEARS before perfecting them, and that is all they focus on.


Group hike this SATURDAY, we are meeting at the gym at 9am and carpooling to crystal cove.  It’s not the hardest hike in the world and everyone can do it with ease!  The gym will be closed for classes Saturday for this hike.


A) Establish a 5RM Weighted Pull Up

B) For Time:
Pull ups
Double Unders