28AUG14: Training Do’s and Don’ts


28AUG14: Training Do’s and Don’ts

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T-Shirt sales for the Ladies Competition coming up on September 20th end tomorrow.  These t-shirts are being sold to pay for their custom team shirts and their registration, please show your support for these athletes and show up in the masses wearing them.  The competition is being held in Long Beach so no one can make excuses for why they can’t be there 🙂

Tickets for the BBQ are on sale until September 3rd, all orders must be placed by then for the catering company to fulfill our order.  I hope to see everyone there and hope that you meet new friends within the box and our community.

Training Do’s and Don’ts:

I always here people talking about their personal training and what they do and don’t do but are we really helping ourselves by just talking about it?  When you are looking at your training there are a couple things you MUST do in order to have it be successful.  First and foremost SHOW UP at least 3x per week.  You will never get anything out of your training if you only do it 1x a week, I’m sorry but it just doesn’t work that way.  Furthermore if you only train 1x a week you are never allowing your body to adjust to the training methods we use in CrossFit.  This program is not designed to be successful if you only do it a few times a month, consistency is key people.  DO keep your eating habits/lifestyle in check.  Don’t fall victim to holding yourself to this insane standard of what you can and cannot eat, live a little but always in moderation.  DO get quality sleep every night.  Burning the candle at both ends does you no good in training and in life, its a pretty simple concept.  DO listen to your body, if your legs are saying “gimme a f’n break” do it, don’t push yourself beyond your limits creating the opportunity for overuse injuries to creep in and nag you forever.

Now for the Don’ts: DON’T work out 7 days a week for 8 weeks straight and not expect to get some sort of injury, its just not going to happen and it isn’t productive.  DON’T expect to out train a shitty diet, again you can’t expect to right a wrong by continuing to do the wrong.  DON’T skip your planned training days because something else comes up, training needs to be a priority if you want to succeed.  DON’T expect miracle results with half assed performance, show up  to train with the right attitude and train hard the results will follow I promise.  DON’T over due it all at the beginning, I understand you have goals but those goals take time and you should not attempt to achieve everything in 1 month.

Just a few thoughts on how you can ensure that your training can get you to where you want to be.


A) Push Press:

5×3 @75%,

3×2 @85%,

4×1 @95% 1RM

B) EMOM 10:

7 Push Jerk (95/65),

7 Box Jumps (30/24)



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