Participate in this Awesome Community!!

By Genie Francisco
Hi ALL!!! For today’s blog, I just wanted to take the time to encourage all of you to start (if not already started) to participate in this wonderful community’s fundraisers, charity events, and overall celebrations of life!  I’m not only talking about doing just any competitions, but there are constantly events going on within the crossfit community that I believe everyone should take part in!  I especially wanted to highlight one today because it is coming up and it is an amazing contribution to the community.The first time I heard about Tommy Mac was back when I was doing The Outlaw Way a few months ago.  There was a WOD posted in his honor and it was of course, brutal!!

A Little bit about him:

He was killed in action in the Ghazni Province of Afghanistan on October 12th, 2012. He served three years as a Mortarman Team Leader in HHC, and was then assigned to D.Co. (short for Delta Company), where he was a Fire Team Leader with 3rd Platoon. He counted the men of the 2nd Ranger Battalion as true blood brothers. Sgt. Thomas MacPherson was on his fourth deployment to Afghanistan.

He graduated from Los Alamitos High School a few years before my coach, Chris Amenta, who graduated the same year as Thomas MacPherson’s Wife, Claudia.  When Chris heard of this, he immediately felt the urge to help in any way possible.  There are great people constantly finding ways of improving lives in any ways they know how.  It only makes sense that through the crossfit community that he knows so well, he is the brains behind this event to constantly raise money for Tommy Mac’s only son who is a little over 1 year old now.

Having graduated from Cal State Fullerton with my BA in Women and Gender Studies, one of the few things that have stuck with me is the fact that we should always start with our individual community in order to take steps in making changes or providing awareness to the rest of the country and world.  Chris, a few volunteers from Crossfit Reality and Tommy’s Family have started with this Southern California community and has brought it to the heart of Los Alamitos.  The event will be at Los Alamitos High School where Tommy Mac and his wife went to High School.  There will be a WOD, that I am definitely signing up for and participating in, and a 5k Run in his honor.  There will also be various vendors there supporting the cause.  You can go online now to learn more, register for this event and/or buy different items like t-shirts and wrist bands to support the cause.  Donations are always welcomed.


Please don’t stop here either.  If you don’t already know about how amazing this crossfit community is, there are many opportunities to show your support and love for the causes and different people that need it in this community.  So venture out, always get out of your comfort zone, visit other boxes and participate in this quickly growing community!!!!

A)Deadlift 5×3 @85%
B)Good Mornings 5×5 (95/65)
C) Baseline…Err
500m Row
40 Back Squats (115/85)
30 Weighted Sit ups (45/45)
20 Burpees
10 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
the catch:
under 7 min: 100m weighted lunge (45/35)
under 10 min: run 800 with a plate (45/25)
under 13 min: 1500m row (every 500m do 15 Burpees)
anything over 13 min: Run a mile