CrossFit Reality – CrossFit


Running Warm Up (No Measure)

Lower Body DROM W/Breathing Exercises:

3 Rounds:

15 Leg swings (side to side)

15 Leg kicks (front to back)

15 Jumping Air Squats

15 Broad Jumps

Breath in and out at 3 seconds in 3 seconds out during:

200m Butt Kicks

200m High Knees

200m Karaoke

200m 80% Sprint


Metcon (Distance)

Sunday Sprint Day!

Every :30 for 8:00

100m Sprint

*Rest 4 MIN*

Every :30 for 6:00

100m Sprint

*Rest 3 Min*

Every :30 for 4:00

100m Sprint

*Rest 2 Min*

Every :30 for 2:00

100m Sprint
*Score is total distance ran, If you fail a round don’t count any distance for it. DO NOT SKIP ANY ROUND/RUN.

*If you cant complete 100m in :20 or less on your first round go to 90m, 80m, or 70m. Whichever takes :20 to complete or less