30JUL14: What Is Your 1 Rep Max?


30JUL14: What Is Your 1 Rep Max?

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What is our 1 rep max?

Over the past two weeks we’ve seen many of you attempt your 1 rep max back squat.  As with attempting a 1 rep max of any lift there are some things you need to make sure you are doing.  For the purpose of this discussion we will not be talking about the actual movement being performed… shocking I know… but what is more important right now is understanding what a “TRUE” 1 rep max (1RM) is and what it takes to find it.  Many times we see novice athletes attempt new PR’s and most of the time they hit them, but are these PR’s a true testament to what the athletes strength really is?  The answer is probably not, and it isn’t anyones fault, but it does present an issue worth discussing.  So why is it we see some athletes just all of a sudden PR by 40 or even 50lbs!  These numbers are amazing, but they outline an issue within our training mindset.  Testing a 1RM is more than just testing your strength as an athlete, its testing your mind, your mental ability to push yourself, your ability to endure the suck for 5 seconds to reach a new goal.  As you progress in your training you build confidence, this confidence turns into mental strength, this mental strength turns into strong lifts.  I know, its a viciously awesome cycle, and the more we know the more we can fine tune our minds enabling us to reach new goals!


A) 8×4 Ring Dips

B) EMOM 7:

7 perfect push ups

C) Perform 1RND every 2 Minutes for 5RNDS of:

3 Clean and Jerks (155/105)

100m sprint

5 bar facing burpees