31May13: Meet Coach Dustin


31May13: Meet Coach Dustin

As many of you know or are now just finding out, Adam will be leaving us for a short period of time to go fight fires as a Wild Land Firefighter.  He and I spoke about this opportunity and both agreed it was something he couldn’t pass up.  It is sad to see him leave us, but I promise you he will be back.  So as Adam departs, we welcome Dustin, here is a little bit about him:

Name: Dustin Keoni SavellaEmail: [email protected]

DOB: 9/13/86

Nationality: Hawaiian, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, French-Canadian (the hell!?)

Parents: Don and Marion Savella
Brothers: Don Jr (age 32) Darren (age 30)
Hometown: Lompoc Ca

Current City: Los Alamitos

Sports: Basketball (10+ years -3 years varsity @ Lompoc High School) Volleyball (10+ years) Tenis (6+ years /2 years Varsity/ 2 years Allan Hancock Community College) Started Crossfit July 2011

Certifications: CF-L1/ NASM/ CF Mobility Certification/ CPR

My Journey with Crossfit started in the backyard of my brothers house (July 2011) as a training program to facilitate the 2012 Socal Tough Mudder that i was participating in. At this point i was 230lbs and just not in a good state of physical or mental health. I never went to the gym and it definitely showed. I was overweight, sick and depressed. Crossfit changed all that for me. I was by no means a fire breathing crossfitter, far from that in fact when i started. Pull ups were impossible, running was unbearable and i had no clue what olympic lifting was. It was a wake up call and i needed to answer. Slowly but surely the weight fell off, muscle grew where i never thought it would and i was getting stronger, faster and healthier. Now here i am 2 years in to Crossfit and i am around 185lbs and 10% body fat. I have crossfit and clean eating to thank for that. Crossfit has opened my eyes to a multitude of opportunities, friends and life changing events, it is something that i cherish whole-heartedly.I believe that Crossfit has the potential to bring about the best version of yourself every single day whether its in the box or during everyday life. Apply what you learn in the box and take it elsewhere.

“Adams Day”
Warm Up:
Annie (Double Unders & Sit ups)
A) Est. 3RM Split Jerk or Push Jerk
B) 3×5 Push Press @ 80%
C) Front Squats (5X65% & 4X70%) x2 & (1×90%) x3
D) (5×2) Clean or Snatch Pull
Best of luck Adam, and get back here ASAP!   You will be missed…