8 October 12


8 October 12

Announcements: Make sure to have your food Journals in by tonight!!! either email them to me or leave them in the office. My team will begin to evaluate them in depth. (My team is really just me, I’m not fooling anyone)

Short and sweet today (Due to lack of sleep….yes minus me three points on our CFR Paleo Challenge). I want to talk about this Saturday’s event. We have 6 people representing our gym competing in the legendary competitor event. We will be representing in all divisions. First here is a break down of the event and the workouts:

Location: Next Level Sports Complex
12821 Knott Street, Garden Grove, CA 

Time: The website is extremely vague on the exact start time. I am telling our competitors to meet around 6:15am on saturday to make it in time for check ins. Most of the events will begin somewhere around 9 o’clock.

Getting there: We are trying to get a big group to support our athletes and kill whoever else wants to throwdown. With that being said, lets try to get a carpool/caravan to leave from the gym so we can all roll in there as a group.

Others: We are working on getting to easy ups and coolers so we can have a “home base.” If you like new gear and shit (Josie) bring some extra cash because there will be vendors there.

Now lets look at the workouts:

Each division will be doing the same workouts, only weights and a few different movements for the advanced will be different.

WOD 1:

Event #1 – “Heartbreak Ridge”

 Time Cap: 8 minutes

Workout Details:

A. 3 minute to Back Squat as much total weight as **possible rest 1 minute
B. Amrap in 2 minutes Bar muscle ups (D1), CTB pullups (D2/ masters 40-52), Pullups (D3 Masters 53+)** rest 1 minute

C. Amrap in 1 minute Pistols alternating (D1), Single leg step up (D2/D3/All Masters @53#/35#/)(males 24”/ Females 20”)
A. Each athlete will have the option to load bar as with any of the following choices: Male: 235/185/ 135/ 95 Female:155/ 135/95/ 65

WOD 2:

Event #2 – “A Soldier’s Story Time Cap: 10 minutes

Workout Details:

“Grace” 30 reps of Ground to Shoulder +Shoulder to Overhead

followed immediately by 15-12-9


Kb Swings

Weight by Division D1 male – 135/95 D1 female – 95/65 D2 male/ Masters male 40-52- 115/95 D2 female/ Masters female 40-52- 75/65 D3 male/ Masters male 53+- 95/65 D3 female/ Masters female 53+- 65/45

WOD 3:

Floater event – “Battle of Midway”
Time cap = 6 min Workout details:
1000m row for time
The rower will be set to count down from 1000m. Athlete may not grab handle until start command is given. Row until the meters hit zero. Stay in the rower until the judge collects your score.


Going to watch other people that you know compete is extremely fun. Being a crossfitter yourself, you know exactly how the athletes are feeling because you can put yourself in their position. Who knows, maybe by going to this event you will get that fire inside to sign up for the next event!!

Comment to this blog if you are interested in carpooling down there so we can get a group together

Workout of the day: 8 October 12

A) 1rm Box Squat

*wide stance*

B) 2 min AMRAP:

Thrusters (115/75)

then immediately,

5 rounds:

30 double unders

10 weighted walking lunges (115/75)

*bar is placed in front rack position*

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  1. CF

    I dunno if I can really help with the ride situation since I have a two seater, but I will caravan with you all!!! Let’s do this!!!!!!