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Redefining Fitness

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Established 2012



CrossFit Reality is an elite school of fitness that teaches its athletes that in order to achieve what they want, hard work must first be put in. Six-pack abs and chiseled physiques do not occur from just showing up at the gym and going through the motions of a normal, everyday workout. We believe that athletes should train with purpose, they should set goals and above all else, they must have desire. The athlete must want to be the best they can be before results can ever be attained.

“But CrossFit is hard!” you might say. And to that we respond: Yes, you’re absolutely right. CrossFit IS hard. That is the reality. But, if being the fittest person you could be was easy, then wouldn’t everyone be fit?

There is a flip-side to that coin, however: ANYONE CAN CrossFit. CF Reality’s coaches will teach you how to perform CrossFit exercises safely, and at a pace that is right for you. Through proper guidance and coaching, your fitness reality will emerge leaving you wondering why you waited so long to give CrossFit a shot.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom, a former collegiate athlete, a Special Forces operator or someone just discovering fitness for the first time, CrossFit Reality IS for you.


All CF Reality athletes will be subjected to various exercises and workouts that are designed to test their physical abilities in order to better prepare them for all and any activities imaginable. All athletes will be taught the proper methods needed to efficiently progress through a workout before they are expected to perform at their utmost intensity. We are the only CrossFit in Long Beach with two facilities, one being focused on CrossFit and the other being focused on athlete development/ Olympic weightlifting. With the guidance of CrossFit Reality’s dedicated and experienced coaching staff, a CrossFit Reality athlete can expect to learn the basics of CrossFit movements safely and eventually learn how to become the best athlete they can be.

Every athlete’s desired level of fitness is attainable at CrossFit Reality.


In late 2011 Paul Amato (Head Coach) was training athletes at CrossFit South Bay under then, head coach Cody Rice.  Paul sought out Cody’s expertise in training methodologies as well as his ability to effectively train all levels of athletes simultaneously.  After coaching under him for the majority of a year Paul and Nelson Rivera (Co-Owner of CFR) began training people in his tiny 1 car garage.  It was here where they began to create a following of like minded individuals.  CrossFit Reality was molded out of the first five or so members who followed the coaches to their first facility.  From there the box continued to grow, continuously adding new top of the line equipment in order to create the best CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting training facility in all of Long Beach and Signal Hill, CA.  Fast forward to 2014 and the gym has grown from the original 3500sqft, to 7,000sqft, then to a 10,000+ sqft and has a full size olympic lifting gym incorporated within it.  CrossFit Reality has a long history of training athletes for the NBA Draft and other professional athletes, even a 2x Bronze Medalist US Olympic Speed Skater.  The CrossFit method of training has redefined the fitness industry and CrossFit Reality continuously evolves with it.  We put our athletes and clients at the top of our priority list, no one or anything else for that matter will ever be more important.  We listen to our clients and we adapt and create an overwhelmingly positive attitude and training environment for our athletes to flourish in.


CrossFit Reality was established in 2012, we are a 100% veteran owned gym.  We have over 7000 sq ft of open gym space and an outdoor training area.  Some of our amenities include: Showers, private parking lot, a member bar/lounge and a dedicated room for kids.  Our gym is equipped exclusively with the top of the line Rogue Fitness equipment.  Our trainers have a wealth of knowledge and over 40+ years of fitness training and coaching.  We have the widest range of CrossFit Class times ranging from 4AM to 7PM on weekdays and an olympic weightlifting class on Wednesdays at 6pm.  We are open 7 days a week and offer open gym 24/7!

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