Announcements 15MAR13


Announcements 15MAR13


First, the new gym layout is pretty much 100% complete.  What this means is new things will be coming, classes etc…

Second and more importantly, Tomorrow and Sunday at Cal State Fullerton Coach Genie (11am) and coach Chris (3pm) have there first weightlifting competition, Everyone who can should go and support them.

Thirdly, go sign up or volunteer to help us organize and run this event.  It is for a great cause and I expect everyone who can to participate in this.

Finally, We will be designing new shirts, tanks, and thin hoodies in the very near future.  Get ready because we will show the designs on facebook and only order limited quantities.



Run 1 mile

70 sit ups

60 jumping lunges

50 kb swings (1.5/1)

40 burpees

30 wall balls (20/10)

Run 1 mile

-courtesy Lisa C.

Its Friday everyone have fun and get ready for St. Patricks Day!!!