Athlete Spotlight: Brittany Lawson


Athlete Spotlight: Brittany Lawson

Athlete Spotlight on our very own Brittany Lawson:


I joined CrossFit Reality in September 2013, a very de-conditioned former dancer with a long fitness roadahead of me. I had been virtually immobile for the preceding four years due to lame excuses such as “not being able to afford it,” “being too busy,” and the one I wouldn’t say out loud, “being afraid”.  I laughed when my CrossFit addicted sisters suggested that I join — I fully believed I could never make it through even one WOD (since I couldn’t even climb up two flights of stairs without getting winded). And now, a short six months later, I drank the Kool Aid and am addicted myself. I find myself in the box at least four times a week, I eat much better than before, I throw around WOD terms like snatch and clean like they’re my native language, not to mention throwing around some serious weight on the barbell. What’s truly amazing to me is that as a person who hated working out, I have come


to love going to CrossFit. Since I started from essentially Fitness Square One, I get to blow PRs out of the water constantly, which keeps me motivated and encouraged to keep pushing toward that next level. I did a double under on my first attempt. I recently completed an 8 week Whole Life Challenge and got 2nd place. I hit a 5 rep max deadlift at 143#. Every time I run up our hill, I can make it just a little further than the time before without slowing down. I still have a ways to go, but being on the right track for the first time in a long time feels crazy awesome. Thanks to the amazing CFR family of members for being so inspirational and welcoming, and to the coaches for being so patient, experienced and tough. They are just the right blend of encouraging and terrifying… (kidding!). And thanks especially my incredible sisters who made my membership possible, pushed and encouraged me to become part of this movement and helped me become a better me than I was before. I can’t wait to continue this journey of making a better version of myself every day!




A) EMOM 5:

30 seconds of work each minute max effort back squat (95/65)


10 Slam Balls (30/20),

10 pull ups (strict only)

C) Shoulder mobility


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  1. Tom Lawson (Dad)

    I’m so proud of my #1 Daughter! You are an inspiration. Keep at it and never EVER give up! Love Dad.