Athlete Spotlight: Kim L


Athlete Spotlight: Kim L

My name is Kim Lorenzana, I am 26 years old and a Professional Golfer. I have been playing golf
for 16 years and I cannot imagine my life without it. When I was 10, my dad handed me a golf club and
just told me to swing. He said I had a very natural looking swing and brought me to the driving range the
next day. Soon, after that, I joined many junior golf programs and began competing in small
tournaments. Since then, I began putting 100% of my focus into golf. I played on the girls’ varsity golf
team at Long Beach Woodrow Wilson High School, finished the runner up at CIF Sectionals during my
senior year and went on to receive a full scholarship for golf to the University of California, Irvine.

While attending the UC-Irvine, I was the straightest hitter on the team and nationally ranked #1
for driving accuracy. I was also known as one of the shortest hitters not just amongst my team, but
amongst almost every girl competing in the tournaments. On par 4’s that were 380 yards and more, I
averaged having 200 yards remaining to the hole and hitting my 3 wood onto the greens. That was only
a 180+ drive and while I have to use a 3 wood onto the green, my competitors have an easier time with
a 4 or 5 iron to the green. Sometimes my 3 wood couldn’t even make it to the green, leaving me with no
real opportunity to make a birdie. This hurt my game mentally because I became very intimated when I
played with the long hitters. I knew I was at a huge disadvantage and did not know how to get more
distance. My senior year, I won the 2008 Big West Conference Championship by beating a freshman,
who happened to be one of the longest hitters in conference, in a 3 hole playoff! This was a great
experience for me but it also made me realize how vital it is to be able to hit the ball long… It definitely
would have taken a lot of pressure off me.

A couple years ago, my boyfriend, Nick, began working with me and my swing and made a few
swing changes. He had me implement a movement in my swing which required me to have a strong full
body explosion at impact position. During this swing change, I also began P90X to build some strength.
After working on my swing and completing P90X, I noticed I gained 10 yards with my driver. My progress
lead me to believe that if I gained more power and strength for my “latest edition” swing, I, too, can be
a long hitter! By May of last year, I signed up the Women’s U.S. Open qualifier. There were about 130
girls competing and only the top 4 make it through to the tournament. The qualifier took place at
Industry Hills Golf Resort and it consisted of playing 36 holes in one day… That is two rounds of golf! I
don’t know if you have ever been to that course but it is one of the hilliest courses in California. I was
well focused and played decently during the first round and finished tied for 4 th place, at 1 over par.
Barely half way through my second round, my legs started getting tired and began to give out. I started
making “tired” swings, and each hole was a struggle. I started to become frustrated knowing that I have
been playing so well and I was so close to achieving one of my biggest dreams. I did not finish as strong
as I wanted to, finished 10th out of 130, and what hurt the most is that I missed the cut by 2 strokes!

In November, 2012, I decided that Crossfit was exactly what I needed. That’s when I found
Crossfit Reality! From the very beginning these coaches were so supportive and encouraging. Since I
have been coming to Crossfit Reality, the coaches keep my crossfit training in mind of my golf game.
They coaches always pay close attention to my form, making sure every movement is perfect! If it isn’t,
they let me know what it is I need to work on to make it better. They also make sure I constantly stretch
shoulders, hips and core to ensure I stay loose for my swing. Thirdly, they are always available when I
have questions or need suggestions regarding the Paleo diet. Finally, these coaches push me to my limits

to improve my strength not just physically but mentally as well. I am always pushed to get over my fear
of getting to my PR and to be confident and know I have the capability of doing it. The coaches tell me
losing my intimidation and fear in the gym will also help me lose my intimidation and fear on the course.
As for strength… I can’t express enough how much stronger my legs feel! I was telling Paul about my golf
round, last week, and I mentioned a hole that was 411 yards long (which back in my college days was
impossible for me to get the ball on the green in 2 shots). That day, I hit my driver 255 yards!!! I was left
with 156 yards to the green with my 6 iron and EASILY got on the green in 2 shots!! I could not believe
the huge amount of distance I now have compared to my college days! Now I don’t have to feel
intimidated when I walk up to a lengthy hole because I have the power and strength to take it on. I have
2 tournaments coming up, a Cactus Tour event on April 29-May 1, then my U.S. Open qualifier on May
28. I can’t wait to see what my tournament results will be this year!

I am so thankful to have found Crossfit Reality, to work with these coaches and get the support
from them and my fellow crossfit athletes at the gym. This place has really helped take my golf game to
the next level!



A) Back Squat 5×3 @70% Descend at a 4 count and come up as fast as possible

B) Push Press 5×4 @ 75% 5min from min 5-6 Push Jerk AMRAP

C) Nancy

5 Rounds for time

400m run

15 OH Squats (95/65)

4 Responses

  1. Kim Lorenzana

    hahaha… I don’t think I have earned the “Woods” name yet. Maybe if I make it to the U.S. Open this year 🙂 Thanks Nick!

  2. Jen

    That is awesome Kim!! You are in the best shape I have ever seen you and stronger than ever! Keep up the crossfit!!