Athlete Spotlight: Nichelle Beat


Athlete Spotlight: Nichelle Beat

For those of you who don’t know or have not met Nichelle yet, she has become one of the most dedicated members of our CrossFit family here at CFR.  Time and Time again she upstages any and all expectations through her passion and dedication for living a more healthy life.  After all, here at CFR our GOAL is to live a longer, healthier life and to set the right example for our families.  Thank you Nichelle for being an amazing member of our family!


My name is Nichelle Beat and I’m a native of Long Beach, CA . I’m also a married mother of two
awesome boys: Evan, age 15 and Nate, age 12. I’ll be 45 this July. I played organized sports throughout
most of life. In High School, I was on the Varsity Cross Country, Soccer, and Softball teams. I was named
All Moore League in Soccer as a sophomore. I was also a cheerleader my senior year. I graduated from
CSULB in 1993 with a BS in Dietetics and Food Administration. My internship to become a Registered
Dietitian was done at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon. After high school and
college, I tried to keep my body moving, but never really found my fitness level improving. As a matter
of fact, as of September 2012 I was in horrible shape in more ways than one. I had no motivation, my
diet was horrible and I really was starting to dislike exercise altogether. My attitude was terrible and
the lifestyle I was leading certainly did not point in the direction of health and fitness. That is until I
found Cross Fit Reality and attended my first class just after Labor Day, 2012.

I’m a Registered Dietitian by trade, but have always found eating right to be a challenge for me. I could
tell any patient what they should and should not do, yet for me, I couldn’t follow anything. That is until I
found the Paleo Diet on October 1, 2012.

I started the Paleo challenge as a way to try and shed some weight. I was sick and tired of feeling fat
and sick and tired. I was tired of looking at slim women wearing bikinis. I was tired of wearing pants in
the double digits. I was tired of big, baggy shirts to cover my horribly fat midsection. Bottom line, I was
just tired of working out really hard only to see minimal results. That was when it all clicked for me. I
have always been active, but I have never actively tried to change my eating behaviors. So when the
opportunity for a challenge came about, the competitor in me rose to the occasion and off I went. It
wasn’t difficult for me either. In fact, I think it was more difficult on the people around me since I was so
focused on the prize: A slimmer midsection and the possibility of wearing a bikini this summer. As the
weight started coming off and my pants were fitting looser, my motivation increased too. Combine the
hunger for weight loss and a great Cross fit Box with structured movements and talented coaches and
the goal to a wearing a bikini soon became a reality.

I could not have done this alone though. Paul, Chris & Genie were my first coaches and I can’t thank
them enough for believing in me and giving me a place to come and get strong, get defined and get
healthy. I also want to thank my current coach, Adam. I have improved so much working one on one
with you as your will to push me and make me better is the driving force behind most of my new PR’s.

Just one more thing before I go…..Find your passion. Find that one thing that makes you want to get up
and push through your day. For me, it was my desire to be healthy so that I can watch my two awesome
boys grow into young men. Take that step and go for it. Don’t look back and keep moving forward. Set
goals and achieve them…If I can do it, so can you…I’ll be happy to help you along your journey!


Nichelle Beat

Size: 6 or 8 (previously 12 to 14)

Pounds Lost: 35 and still going.

The weight lost does not take into account the amount of muscle Nichelle has built in here time at CFR, and for those of you who may not know it or realize it Muscle weighs 2x as much as fat!

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