Athlete Spotlight of October: Travis Mcbride


Athlete Spotlight of October: Travis Mcbride


I have been pretty lenient on food journal entries and people paying for the challenge. If this wasn’t made clear I apologize but the food journals are due on Monday of each week. For every day it is late, you will miss those ten points per day for not turning it in. WHEN YOUR FOOD JOURNALS ARE IN, YOU MUST HAVE TALLIED UP YOUR OWN POINTS. I am simply reviewing your food journals and keeping track of them. I am not going to count up all your meals and points and award you. I can go ahead and count it up for you but believe me, you will not want that to happen. I am giving you guys this only freebie. starting next week, Food journals must be in by Monday with points tallied already. for all the people doing the challenge, I have only received 4 food journals and 4 people have paid their 25$. Get those things done and in to me.




Josie (Div 3) 0800 & 1240

Genie (Div 2) 0920 & 215

Joe (Div 2) 1020 & 330

Adam (Div 1) 1100 & 415

Greg (Div 1) 1100 & 415

We will have a Easy up set up as well as a couple coolers. Bring food, water and lets get ready to support our competitors.

Barbells for Boobs:

When: Friday October 19th. Warmup starts at 6pm. We will begin the WOD at 7pm. Tell your friends, family, CrossFitters, whoever. We want to get a lot of people in here. So if you know people from other boxes or have friends that CrossFit, Lets get them in here on Friday the 19th and lets have great time with this fundraiser. make sure to register under our gym by clicking on here.

Athlete Spotlight of October: Travis McBride

You ever come across a guy that is just good at everything? College athlete, great at CrossFit, gets all the ladies, etc. Someone you want to just punch because they are so fucking good but you can’t because he is so nice and you don’t want to hurt his pretty little face??

Well that guy is Travis McBride. I met Travis 5 months ago when I started coaching here at CFR. Since day one, I knew I was going to like this guy. Travis is your workhorse. It doesn’t matter if he is sick, tired, or hungover, when that timer starts Travis goes for it unlike anyone else. He may not be the most technically proficient but he will out work anyone, anytime. This is the type of guy you want on your team. This is the type of guy you want in your class at your gym. His presence motivates others to go harder. His times are the ones that everyone tries to beat.

Travis McBride, CFR’s own….flaming mustang

On October 20th, Travis will be leaving for the Navy. Although this is a great loss for our gym, I cannot express how excited we are for Travis and the things he will do in his future. I will say, if you know him, you understand his potential. If you don’t you have missed out. Travis, you are a huge contribution to this gym. You are the athlete every coach wishes for. You work so hard, you always listen and utilize the tools in front of you.

We wish you well on the path you are about to embark on. Drop us a line whenever you can and we look forward to hearing the stories you will have to share. Here is Travis in his own words….


Describe yourself. (personally, occupation or athletic background)

I’m 24 years old; I grew up right here in long beach and played sports my whole life.  Once in high school I concentrated exclusively on football, I played in college and also spent a season playing in Germany after I graduated.  Since then I’ve spent my time working in Belmont shore.  Although I would say I’m extremely competitive, I love to spend my free time hanging out with my friends and relaxing.


Why did you start CrossFitting?

I started CrossFitting because it’s a great way to not only stay in shape, but appease that competitive drive I still have.


How did you find us?

Lauren a co-worker and CFR athlete had mentioned it but I had kinda been reluctant to actually come in.  Then I was working at legends one night and Paul (who is the co-owner of CFR) came into the bar, after a brief conversation he basically challenged me to come in (if you know Paul you know what a little son-of-bitch he can be haha ß Chris you should probably take this out or change it around), I came in the next morning.


How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle or level of fitness?

I would say that CrossFit has made me not only stronger, faster and more athletic but also more confident.  In my last football game in Germany I hurt my lower back and for months I literally couldn’t roll over in bed without feeling pain shoot throughout my lower back and legs.  For months, my quality of life was terrible and I could feel myself growing weaker by the day.  After taking some time off, I eventually was able to start jogging then running.  I hated feeling so weak and vulnerable so I eased into CrossFit and was cautious about my form and how much pressure I put on my back at first, but now 6 months later, I feel stronger and more confident in my lower back than I ever have.  Squatting 300 pounds is a piece of cake now whereas 6 months ago I think I might have broke in half.


What do you like best about CrossFit Reality?

The thing I like best about CrossFit is that everyday I come here I just get my ass kicked and leave exhausted and sweating.  Its never easy but I love that I just am able to show up, there is a workout that is already on the board and I don’t have to think about it, I just have to do it.  You show up, there is work to be done, and you do it.  There’s no questioning it, there is no thinking or internal debate to be had.   Everyday you become a better, stronger, tougher more dangerous version of yourself.


Any advice for someone thinking about trying CrossFit or someone who has just started?

If you’re not doing CrossFit you’re probably wrong.  If you just started, keep up the hard work and keep coming in consistently, it will never get easier but YOU WILL get better!




Favorite WOD and Time?

I passionately hate all of the workouts, they are all extremely challenging in their own right and to be honest everyday I come in, and the clock is counting down because the workout is about to start, I think to myself “haha here we go again, what the hell have you gotten yourself into dude” then it beeps signaling to begin and I just say “screw it”.  Afterwards I always feel great.  If I had to pick I’d say I like ‘Helen’, my time is a little over 8 minutes


Least Favorite WOD?

Anything Involving jumping lunges combined with running


Favorite Lift:

Deadlifts are definitely my favorite because It my best lift, and lets be honest here what kind of guy doesn’t like to load up the bar with a bunch of weight and throw it around, its fun and makes you feel good. I think it satisfies some type of deep-rooted cave-man type instinct to lift heavy objects off the ground


What’s your nutrition like?

I try my very best to eat healthy but I feel as though you gotta live sometimes. So for me its healthy food (lots of protein and few carbs) during the week, mostly meat and veggies, but on the weekends I have a few beers maybe the occasional pizza.  I have been known to eat ben n jerry’s by the pint.


What are your fitness goals?

I just want to be an overall strong and fit person, I recently joined the NAVY and will be leaving here on October 20th so I want to be in good enough shape to not only pass any physical hurdle that comes my way, but to crush it and anybody who tries to compete with me.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Aside from working out I love just taking it easy with my friends, BBQing, surfing, hiking with my dog, reading, and spending time with my family.  During the summer months I pretty much live at the beach.  My younger sister, Madi, who pokes her head into CFR from time to time, is a really good volleyball player and I enjoy watching her games and mentoring her as well.


Workout of the Day: 11 October 12

A) Banded Deadlifts  65%1RM

*Red Bands

B) 3 Rounds:

10 Burpees

10 Kb Snatches (each arm) 53/35

10 Box Jumps 24/20

10 Kb clean & press (each arm) 53/35

10 lateral lunge (5 each side)

2 Responses

  1. ARI

    It’s funny because when he was new at CF I thought to myself damnnn he is so good, he never gets tired and he’s always asking on he can do it better. Def going to be missed Travis! Good luck in the Navy 🙂

  2. PaddyMac

    Travis, I found this on the CFR site today! Wish I had started CF w you when you did. But now I’m there. Look out, Your Old Man is going to catch up to you hahaha.
    Miss your face,