Athlete Spotlight of September…JEN BAYONETA!!!


Athlete Spotlight of September…JEN BAYONETA!!!


As we grow day by day, its hard to keep track of all the new faces. We are beginning something new. This new Athlete Spotlight gives the coaching staff the opportunity to showcase athletes that are putting in the effort and working hard. We are very excited about this. Every month a new athlete will be brought into the spotlight. It is our way of saying your efforts do not go unseen. Jen has been with us just about from the beginning. Jen is in the gym every day (sometimes twice) doing work. She listens to our staff, works on her skills and is getting stronger & faster by the week. Jen you are a true inspiration to us and keep working hard!!!


Describe yourself. (personally, occupation or athletic background)

she will kick your ass any day….

I am married with two kids, Bryce and Brynn. They are six and four. Bryce is a video gamer! Haha he doesn’t really like sports or athletics. Brynn on the other hand, wants to do it all. She is involved in gymnastics, swimming, soccer, hula, anything active. She is the kid that will point out kids playing at the park and she will tell me she wants to do it! For work, I guess the easiest way to understand it is I am a computer programmer. Its is a normal 9-5 desk job….In a cube…sitting around all these old people. HAHA! I don ‘t have an athletic background, I guess. As I began working out, I just kept looking for more. I started with Bootcamps, TRX, and it eventually led me into CrossFit.


Why did you start CrossFitting?

Like I said, I began with a bootcamp close to my work and I still go there twice a week (CFR: we are trying to break that habit). I saw people near my kids gymnastics’  running with barbells and logs and I wanted to do know what are these people doing? So I looked into CrossFit and found you guys.

How did you find us?

I just found you guys on the internet.


How has CrossFit changed your life, lifestyle or level of fitness?

I can’t stop coming!! Haha. Its so sad…Im at my kids back to school night and the teacher is talking and I can’t even hear her! Im just thinking about getting to the gym! Last night was my 9th year wedding anniversary and I came to CrossFit!! My husand had to bring me home food!

Well that sounds like an addiction Jen! What do you like best about CrossFit Reality?

The people, the coaches, you know. I enjoy the people I get to work out with and the coaching. All of it!


Any advice for someone thinking about trying CrossFit or someone who has just started?

When I first started, I was really nervous and I was afraid to come in…so what I would say is just do it! Just come in and not be afraid..


What are your proudest CrossFit achievements:

My PULLUPS!! (CFR: Jen has worked on her pullups every day for over a three months! Dedication!!) Still trying to kip though!

Favorite WOD and Time?

I liked that Saturday ones that you coached! The obstacle course was fun!


Least Favorite WOD?

I don’t know….I don’t have a least favorite……My least favorite is all of them right before and my most favorite is all of them right when they are done!


Favorite Lift:

Deadlifts! (CFR: 193 1RM @ 105lbs!!) You tricked me into that Deadlift! I thought it as like 173!


Whats your nutrition like?

Kids food! Not very good I guess….Its hard with two kids. Its definitely something I want to improve on. Because of my schedule, sometimes I will eat late or just skip dinner…


What are your fitness goals?

To be able to do Kipping Pullups!! I just want to be stronger.


What do you like to do on your spare time?

I don’t have much spare time because I am always here!! I guess my answer is like to workout!!


Workout of the Day: 18September12

A) 3 Rounds: ME Pushups in 2min.

*Rest as needed*

B) 4 Rounds:

30 sec. Power Snatch 70% 1RM Snatch

30 sec. Pendlay Row

30 sec. Hollow rock

30 sec. Superman Rock

30 sec. rest

C) Mobility-Squat Position

4 Responses

  1. Genie

    Jen- you DEFINITELY deserve the spotlight!!! Only being there a couple months, even I notice your hard work and dedication. You come in and always want more. You know that there is always something new to work on and I LOVE that!! Congratulations and keep it up!!!!!!

  2. Carla Buzzio

    So proud of you Jen, I have you seen evolve as well and becoming more confident and stronger in all your lifts!!!!

  3. Josie

    I love when I get to wod with Jen. Her motivation and determination is contagious. To top it off, she’s such a pleasure to be around…so sweet! Good job Jen! Congrats! 😉