Coach Adam


Coach Adam

So as with all things new, and since we finally have certainty that Adam will be staying with us and not moving to the not so great state of Washington, I with much anticipation would like to formally welcome Coach Adam to Team CFR.  For all of you who don’t know him, well I’m sure everyone knows him he’s not what I would call the “quite type”, here is a brief part of his story…  Much will follow in the coming days/months I promise.

USMC Sgt 1st Recon Bn.

Two Combat Tours in Afghanistan


While serving as a Unites States Reconnaissance Marine, Adam was constantly looking for better ways to make himself faster, stronger, the ability to go hard for longer than everyone else. He dabbled in everything from dynamic kettlebells to 100+pound ruck runs. While in Afghanistan, 2012, he and some friends were asked to compete in the crossfit open. He was lucky enough to accomplish all the workouts without interfering with his missions, and to qualifie for the Asia regionals. He’s been a promoter and avid follower of all things fitness ever since. His enthusiasm, passion, and understanding of the human spirit working with body, make him a coach who will push you past your comfort zone, as if your life was truly on the line.

Adam’s passion for fitness doesn’t stop there, he has a genuine concern for the well-being of those around him and those who seek his help.  He puts the needs of his athletes above his own, seeking to better there fitness, health, skills, and minds before taking his own needs into account.  With Adam as your coach you are certain of one thing, his attention to detail through the technical movements that make CrossFit what it is will not only better you as an athlete but also inspire you as a person.