Covering the Basics


Covering the Basics

I know just about everyone in our gym has become familiar with the lengthy list of “Gym Rules” written up on our White Board. Well, I wanted to take the time to go over a few these a little bit more in depth as well as cover some things we don’t really get the chance to during our classes.

The First Rule we have is don’t be late. Now I completely understand reasons why people are late. Traffic, Kids, Work, list goes on. the biggest issue being late presents, is that we are already pressed for time running only one hour classes. If you show up 15 minutes after the hour, now the warmup and/or the strength piece will be affected. A better idea is if you know you are going to be late, then spend those 45 minutes working on mobility. excluding Lisa D., i think just about everyone can work on some mobility (ok, maybe not Dash with his freakishly flexible shoulders).

Rule #2 Never say “I Can’t.” This is such a great Rule. If there is one thing that Paul and I will not have patience for is a negative, defeated attitude. CrossFit is hard. If you are reading this blog, then you obviously have done our WOD’s and know what we expect out of our athletes. There may be things that come very easy to you and others that are extremely hard. All we ask is to come in with a positive attitude, work hard and try your best. DAY IN AND DAY OUT. Negativity will spread throughout a class like Contagion (if you haven’t seen this movie, holy sh*** get ready to have your mind blown).

Rule #4 ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER AND LEAVE DRAMA AT HOME. The other day I had to punish my first class. We had two athletes not done with WOD and no one was cheering them on. we had people talking to the next class, cleaning up their mess, laying in a pool of their own DNA. I understand if you just finished a grueling workout and are flirting with consciousness then by all means take time to regain your strength. but if you are done with your workout and you are standing around, go cheer someone else on.

The last two I want to talk about I will add together in one..Clean up after yourself and introduce yourself to new members. With the way we are growing, I’m counting on you guys to make sure at the end of each class, the gym is put back together the way you found it. We shouldn’t have to ask, you guys know. put away the weight, and WIPE DOWN EQUIPMENT. For the most part, you guys do a good job, but this is just a reminder. As far as introducing yourself, I shouldn’t have to go into detail. if you haven’t seen someone before, introduce yourself. YOU need to take the initiative and go say hello. If you do not, you WILL pay the price. I amĀ  not okay with people being strangers in my class.

Thats all I got for you guys today. Keep training hard and lets see how fucking strong we really are today


A) 15 min to establish 1RM Deadlift


50 double unders



Power Clean 135/95

Box Jump 30/24


50 Double Unders