CrossFit Reality Hoods


CrossFit Reality Hoods

Now available for Pre-Order!

We finally found a hoody made by a local LA fashion company that will fit our athletic bodies well, look strong like our gym and feel as soft as our favorite T! We styled it with the new CFR logo and some accents to represent our community as well as our gym history.

The goal being to have a nice hoody for everyone to enjoy and a symbol of our community to wear around town with pride. You guys should be proud of your community and nothing says it better than a bold, classy Hood.

Made of a mixture of Eco-Friendly materials (recycled plastic, organic cotton, bamboo), similar to a Tri-Blend T-Shirt. It will have a nice sheen to it, a soft touch from the organic cotton and dying process and have some stretch that will make it very comfortable.

Priced at $60. Please see any of the coaches for details or shoot Paul an e-mail at [email protected] We’ll be taking orders for the next week, please do not wait. If you miss the wagon, you’ll have to wait until next time and you will be sorry, they’re very nice. (It’s kind of what I do.)


100 Pullups
100 Pushups
100 Situps
100 Squats

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