15JAN15: CrossFit & The Struggle For Excellence


15JAN15: CrossFit & The Struggle For Excellence

CrossFit Reality

CrossFit & The Struggle For Excellence

CrossFit has by all means changed the approach to everyday fitness.  It has revolutionized techniques, equipment, supplements, and pretty much everything in the fitness industry.  Its simple to explain the rapid change in the industry if you look at supply and demand.  CrossFit has become the most highly sought after training regimen by thousands and thousands of people.  It does this because of its all inclusive open format of training.  It doesn’t single out athletes that are only good at one thing, instead it highlights everything you are good at and makes you aware of the things you aren’t.

The struggle for excellence is common in pretty much all CrossFit Boxes.  People come in everyday with a goal in mind, whether it be to get their first double under or to string 30 kipping pull ups together.  These goals take time to achieve that is for sure and patience is something all athletes learn or need to learn.  We all have our individual goals and we strive each and every day to attain them.  Now when we don’t reach one or another when we want to what do we do?  There is no set time frame that will guarantee you to get a kipping pull up or muscle up.  These things take work and more importantly dedication. If you dedicate 10-20 minutes everyday to work on your weaknesses (not just the skill you are trying to master) I can promise you these goals will be attained more quickly.  However, most people don’t like doing things they aren’t good at and instead focus on what they are.  This is ok if you are having an off day and need a “pick me up”, but for the norm it’s important to focus on those weaknesses.  Yes it is a struggle, life is a struggle, but when you put your mind to it and stay dedicated to a program you will achieve your personal goals of excellence.  CrossFit will never be completely mastered by one individual.  The games will never have one person win every single event.  The struggle for excellence will be overcome by understanding this and setting attainable goals.


A) Front Squat:
4×1 @95%
1×15 @ 60%

B) Tabata Fun:
DBL Unders
Wall Balls (20/14)
Push ups

C) 1 Mile timed run (to be completed directly following last set of push ups)